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  • Sharing Suffering, Instrumental Relations Between Laboratory Animals And Their People By Donna Haraway Summary

    appropriate without trying to stand in for the animal or stop the harm altogether. It’s about experiencing the pain to understand what humans need to ask forgiveness for the wickedness against animals. Haraway uses a variety of evidence to support her arguments. She uses humanism ideas and humanist frameworks to show how animals shouldn’t be treated like objects to support her first argument around ethical obligations. Haraway talks about the OncoMouse to talk about the role of appropriate models to test problems affecting humans on and whether humans are making the right choices. She recounts the story of Baba and his relationship with the guinea pigs he was studying from the novel “A Girl Named Disaster” by Nancy Farmer. She uses Jacques Derrida to talk about the role of killing and how humans shouldn’t ignore animal’s responses and decides who gets killed. Some strong evidence comes from the communication between Haraway and Sharon Ghamari-Tabrizi and Michael Hadfield. She uses Sharon to get feedback from her chapter and their dialogue allows Haraway to defend her position. Michael answers Haraway’s questions about treatment of his specimens to get a realistic view into lab practices and care towards the testing of the specimens. Haraway discusses where humans are characterizing humans with the use of humanist frameworks is an error and if instead animals are understood as workers then the outcome of their death becomes a smaller possibility. She does make the point…

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  • Danielle Ramsey: A Radical Feminist Analysis

    (Ramsey, 2000, p.173). Thus, according to radical feminist, the passive nature ascribed to females, enabled the “patriarchal status quo” (Ramsey, 2000, p.174), of women centering on the male. Giving normalcy to masculinity and deviation to femininity. In addition, this separation of masculinity from femininity is also a large point of criticism towards Freudian theory. This is because, as noted by Ramsey (2000), feminist such as, Helene Cixous, draw attention to “a whole series of terms that…

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  • William Blake's A Poison Tree

    “A Poison Tree” by William Blake is ostensibly dealing with the narrator’s refusal to communicate his anger to a tree, but the overdetermined nature of the words Blake uses makes a final, correct determination of meaning impossible. In this paper, through a utilization of Derrida’s methods set forth in works such as Spectres of Marx and Dissemination, I will examine how the contradictory imperatives contained within the metaphors in this poem draw a reader away from their initial assumption…

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  • Figurative Language: Nietzsche, Plato, And Aristotle

    Figurative language, as a core pillar of language, has played a major part in the development, discovery and creation of most, if not all the concepts in our real world today. Nietzsche, Plato and Aristotle, are three well noted philosophers who all believed that a great extent of our knowledge and everything that we know today and believe to be true is in someway metaphors and illusions. They all understood the strong bond that knowledge and metaphors had. However, they each viewed metaphors…

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  • Heidegger's Phenomenological Analysis

    Heidegger sought to radicalize the traditional understanding of what it means to be human and the transform the ‘common sense’ approach held by the tradition by reawakening the question of the meaning of being; however, he arrived too early. Even though his unfinished edifice was successfully nailed on the door of Cartesian tradition long ago; the discussion fell, and is still falling, upon deaf ears. This split with the tradition led him to a disagreement with his old master Edmund Husserl…

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  • Ordinary Rainbow: Poststructuralist Lens

    6: Poststructuralist Lenses An Absolutely Ordinary Poststructuralist Deconstruction The Text: An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow – Les A. Murray Poststructuralist theory concerns itself with dismantling texts through questioning truth and reality, contradicting itself until the meaning is unstable or non-existent. In the poem An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow by Les A. Murray, the notions of truth and reality are questioned through a silent narrator guiding the reader through a scene of a man…

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  • Book Analysis: Alone Together By Sherry Turkle

    The Review of the book Alone Together by Sherry Turkle In her book Alone Together, Sherry Turkle considers the issue of the relationships between people and technologies that has become critical nowadays. According to the author, the new “smart” technologies were perceived as the second intelligence that provided the opportunity to its users to estimate the trait of their minds and determine their “selves” through conversation with machines. However recently this attitude has significantly…

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  • Laura Mulvey's Visual Pleasure And Narrative Cinema

    Laura Mulvey is the author of “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”. Where she uses psychoanalytic theories of Freud and Lacan, to critique Hollywood films. A very big argument that she pursues is Freud’s concept of “Scopophilia”. Which is defined as obtaining a sense of pleasure from observing someone else. Freud compares this to a form of sexual domination. Observing someone without their knowledge, is like possessing a kind of mastery over them. Mulvey takes this concept and compares is to…

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  • Definition Of Ideology Essay

    to group colors with similar colors, and to group shapes with similar shapes, so why would we think it would be any different when it comes to grouping people together? Although when using stereotypes in society today does lead to judging, as it is usually used in a wrong manner, but it does not mean that it should be totally disregarded when we are figuring things out with limited information given. Next I will be discussing how propaganda and ideology are both very different from each other.…

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  • Similarities Between The Lottery And The Cask Of Amontillado

    Analysis of “The Lottery” and “The Cask of Amontillado” Psychoanalytic theory is based on Freud’s idea that we can realise what does person’s thinks and feels if we look at what he or she perceives in his mind (Psychoanalytic Criticism (1930's-present)). Moreover, it follows that by analysing one of the author’s characters we are really analysing the author itself. We do not need to believe this as a whole. We believe based on experience and on some Psychological theories, that the main…

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