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  • William Blake's A Poison Tree

    Therefore, Blake could not have intended trees to mean feelings, because how can one’s foe be outstretched beneath one’s feelings? To determine this poem’s ultimate meaning I cannot rely on a simple transposition of words. Compounding the within/without contradiction further, the second stanza of the poem indicates the narrator needs to care for his poison tree by watering and sunning it. And consequently, introduces a second layer of contradictory imperatives to the metaphor: neglecting his tree is good, while caring for his tree is bad. Since neglecting something is generally considered bad and caring for something is considered good, it is counterintuitive to think that by neglecting one’s tree one could end up with a positive result. Furthermore, the phrase “waterd it in fears” (Blake 5), and specifically the word “waterd” makes an absolute determination of this metaphor’s vehicle extremely difficult. To clarify, the need to water something with fears (or anything at all) indicates the need to care for something outside of one’s self, as watering one’s self from within is impossible both logically and physically. Moving on to an analysis the poem’s second stanza adds further contradictions to the neglecting/caring contradiction within the poem. The phrase “deceitful wiles” (Blake 8) indicates the narrator needs to deceive his tree to care for it. Furthermore, deceit indicates the need for the narrator to conceal something, to hide something from an outside actor. If the…

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  • Repeated Questions In Forensic Interviews

    penetration, another third (38) of the participants had been touched under the clothes. The Dependent Variables in this study include the responses of the children, contradictions, Delays in responses. Independent variables include they type of questions asked, how they were asked such as were they open ending or close ending questions, age, gender. The study was conducted based on the transcripts and the interviews conducted by the forensic investigators, the data was then looked in detail and…

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  • Sensation And Perception In Dillard's Seeing

    the seemingly contradictory anecdotes, Dillard deliberately closes with a positive anecdote about a young woman patient who closed her eyes for two weeks and finally reopened them. Dillard quotes, “the more she now directed her gaze upon everything about her, the more it could be seen how an expression of gratification and astonishment overspread her features; she repeatedly exclaimed: ‘Oh God! How beautiful!’” (31). When the patient finally reopened her eyes, she used the same…

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  • The Importance Of Relationships?

    those around us is in critical need to be understood. Luckily, there are characteristics that are synonymous with the enduring of all relationships, and contradictions in…

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  • Stream Of Consciousness Essay

    The efficiency and subtlety with which Beckett and Kafka highlight contradictions profoundly resonates. Evidently, contradictions can be narrow and immediate, as well as broad and gradual. Therefore, while I aim for thematic and tonal clarity, I intend to achieve this through distinct incongruities. I also question why we cling to rational and coherent meanings, and aim to transcend such…

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  • Contradictions Of Womanhood

    loving but not smothering; and the list of opposites can go on. Being a woman means you are there to nurture, you are automatically a support for people. Women are expected to help, to listen, to provide. It 's like we can 't be assertive and be gentle; there has to be more of the "softer" trait (BW059, age 23). BW221 (age 39) adds to this by stating, being woman as “a series of contradictions. Being smart is seen as being aggressive. Being direct is seen as being rude.” Intersectionality of…

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  • Contradiction Of Capitalism

    this essay, I will be focusing on the passage "Theoretical," by Friedrich Engels, who mainly focuses on historical materialism and the contradictions which arises from capitalism. Therefore, I will explain the fundamental contradictions in capitalism and consequently and discuss the two contradictions that are brought up by the fundamental contradictions. Historical materialism can be expressed as the division of labor, forces of production and the exchange of products. Thus, in this…

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  • Society Of Contradiction

    A Society of Contradictions The American Dream is defined as the ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity traditionally held to be available by every American. As an American myself, I can tell you that the land of the free is not as ideal as others make it out be. The United States is seen as the land of opportunity yet we deny people of their rights on a daily basis. Our society as a society of values is already being shown through my family. Since I am a first generation Muslim…

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  • Contradiction In Spinoza's

    To say infinite has a starting point is a limit on it, since uncaused cause; caused everything. Always existed and uncaused cause are two different positions. Since uncaused cause, causes a beginning. This is a contradiction in Spinoza’s understanding of infinity therefore, if nature is truly infinite it is always existing and there no starting point and no ending point. The second contradiction in Spinoza’s concept of substance is his argument for monism. If you say infinite it is a set single…

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  • Ethical Contradictions

    There is a language which different groups of people speak all around the world called ethics that everyone has from religious leaders to gangsters and serial killers. They affect how people make decisions and lead their lives. Every day, we make decisions and evaluate their reasons and results on a case-by-case. Sometimes, we argue about what is ethical in which case and at the end, we run into big contradictions between right and wrong such as on abortion, terrorism, euthanasia, death…

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