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    Before one talks about the effects of the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, it is important to know the reasons why the Rebellion place and what happened during the Rebellion. The Rebellion happened because of religion differences and a power struggle between distant relatives, and essentially the Rebellion was between the Catholic Stuarts and the Protestant Hanoverians. The seeds of the Rebellion began in 1688 when the Catholic, English King, James the Second was forced to flee to France due to the Glorious Revolution, which deposed him from the English Crown. (Riding,1). The male line of the Stuart king became established in France but wanted to try to reclaim the united crown of England and Scotland. This reclaim attempt happened after the death of Queen Anne, daughter of James the Second, who died without any children in 1714, the Stuart bloodline through James the Second's son, James Francis Edward, was passed over because he was Catholic. "Catholics had been excluded from the succession in England and Scotland since 1701 and 1704 respectfully."(Riding,3). For this reason, the Hanoverians, who were Germans who were from a small German electorate, called Hanover and the first Hanoverian King was King George the First. The Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 was not the first Rebellion to try and put the Stuarts back onto the throne of England and Scotland.There was one in 1715 which was meant to put James Francis Stuart on the throne, but it failed and even lead to James Francis Stuart…

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    In 1707, The Act of Union forged the nation of Great Britain. This joined the English and Scottish Parliaments into the British Parliament centered in London. The Union promised Scots unhindered access to English markets and colonies. The possibility of economic benefit through trade was a significant pro-union sentiment, expressed best by a Commissioner of Scottish Parliament: This nation is behind all other nations of Europe, for many years, with respect to the effects of an extended trade.…

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    Spanish court decided to aid them, in 1719 the mission failed due to weather. A young prince named Charles Edward planned to attack England and was hinging on France‚Äôs help, which he did not receive completely. He did however convince many Scots to pick up their arms and march south gathering more followers as they went. However 132 miles away from London they had not gathered enough men and were faced with the decision to retreat and wait for the French or attack. The decision was made to…

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