British Invasion Of Scotland Research Paper

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Scotland was a distinct kingdom ruled by the MacAlpin clan in the early tenth century without defined boarders. Without defined boarders relations with England were very uneasy, although after 1066 Norman kings intervened periodically to help support the claims of the Scottish against them. In 1291 Edward I of England selected John Balliol to take the Scottish throne which had been empty since 1286, in return Balliol paid homage to Edward I as a vassal. In 1295 Scottish nobles signed a treaty with France which resulted in the Auld Alliance. As a result of this Edward I invaded Scotland in 1296, Balliol surrendered and imprisoned. From this Scotland was put under English rule, this caused uprisings in Scotland mostly lead by Andrew Murry and …show more content…
Bruce died the following year and an English invasion crowned Balliol’s son causing Bruce’s son David II to flee to France. Resistance pushed the invaders back allowing for David II to return to Scotland and become the King of Scots. Simultaneously England was at war with France and with negotiations England regarded David II the King of Scots. However the boarders of Scotland were a war zone and the maintenance of Scottish Independence created a common sense of nationhood. The language of Inglis was created as a commen language for Scotland as the northern people spoke Gaelic and the southern people spoke more Middle English and was used until the late fifteenth century. Two written works from 1370 promote early national consciousness, The Brus by John Barbour and Chronica Gentis Scotorum by John of Fordun. However the most popular was a poem from the fourteenth century called The Wallace by Blind Harry. From this the stories of William Wallace began to be well-known and caused an increase in anti-English hostility. Thus Scots identity formed around the common idea of hostility towards the English. This was the beginning of a new Dynasty for Scotland called the Stuart Dynasty. One of the Kings in this Dynasty was James IV, he kept the French as their alliance but tried to form another alliance with England by marrying Henry VII’s daughter Margaret Tudor. However, in 1513 war broke out amongst the English and the French and due to the Auld Alliance the Scots sided with the French. During this war James IV was killed in battle leaving his infant son as heir to the throne of Scotland. He later died early in life leaving his only heir an infant daughter who became Mary Queen of Scots. In order to solidify peace an arranged marriage was then created for Mary and Henry VIII’s son Edward, this arrangement ended poorly and the Scots

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