What Was The Causes Of The War Of 1812

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War might not have been the best course of action for a country less than fifty years old. President James Madison and other government officials thought differently, though the country they faced had one of the strongest military power in the world. The War of 1812 was a war fought between the United States of America, Native Americans, and Great Britain. Most Americans had a very strong opinion about the issue of war. The war had many causes, the main reason being the United States declared war on The British was because of how they were trying to control the imports and exports of the New World. Not long after the war started, both countries realized they were not ready for war and signed the Treaty of Ghent. One of the biggest losses of both countries happened after the war was over and months after the treaty had been signed, the battle of New Orleans. The War of 1812 was fought for American freedom at sea and was an attempt to expand the country even though neither were successful. After the Land of Liberty had declared independence, the British felt they were still in control of American trade. A few years before the war, President Madison gave a speech …show more content…
The war of 1812 was never fought as a second revolutionary war, it was fought because Great Britain threatened America’s trading as well as their chances to expand the country. It took many thousands of men dying to make both countries realize that there was no fast resolution. The Treaty of Ghent didn’t fix any problems that America had at sea, nor any border issues they faced. The war of 1812 is often a forgotten war mainly because it didn’t result in anything to help either country. Though very little was resolved over the war, it served as a great purpose for the U.S. to finally become a country with a well designed government and taxes to help support a war or any other decisions that were to

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