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  • Jackson Pollock Cathedral Analysis

    Stylist Analysis Jackson Pollock the world renowned drip painter is often one of the artists that almost everyone knows on the spot. Cathedral, 1947 is a painting held in the Dallas Museum of Art and was created using enamel and aluminum paint on canvas. Measuring at a 71 1/2 x 35 1/16 inches, this is no small painting. Cathedral, is comprised of organic shapes rather than geometric. The entirety of the work is the product of paint dripping off of a paintbrush. This controlled chaos is something that Pollock was a fan of, often mentioning that he can express his art without even having to touch the canvas with the paintbrush. The work consist of thicker and thinner lines that were created by taking the paint brush closer to the canvas or…

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  • Paul Jackson Pollock Abstract Expressionism

    Paul Jackson Pollock: Abstract Expressionist Per the art story foundation, Jackson Pollock was born Paul Jackson Pollock, and he was born in 1912 in Cody, Wyoming. He was the youngest of five children, the son of a surveyor constantly moving from place to place all over California, he went to high school at Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles, CA. There is where he met Philip Guston who introduced Pollock to Theosophical ideas (Freedgood 111). Which prepare Pollock for his future dealing in…

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  • Jackson Pollock Tipping

    Drip painting is a technique “where artist, instead of traditional style of abstract painting, drip or pour the paint directly into the canvas” (khanacademy.org). With the new style of painting, Pollock created a new form of art known as Abstract Expressionism. With the use of dripping technique, the art, although in two-dimensional form, the dried paint gives the viewer a three-dimension perception. The painting consists of a mash up of colors forming different patterns, however; the white line…

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  • Jackson Pollock Aesthetics

    Jackson Pollock was an abstract artist whose paintings have a deeper meaning than they seem to have. Everything he put on a canvas represented a form of expression whether through chalk or paint splatters. It was a way for him to be vulnerable and put his thoughts into a body of work. Pollock was a fan of John Cage’s music, because Cage too was pushing normal artistic views. Cage was introduced to the idea of Abstract Expressionism by an exhibit by Mark Tobey. He realized that art could just…

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  • Jackson Pollock Flaws

    Jackson Pollock was an American painter, and the main leader behind the theoretical expressionist development in the art world. During his lifetime, Pollock experienced a great noteworthy distinction and notoriety. Jackson Pollock's noteworthy distinction comes from him, creating a standout amongst the most radical conceptual styles ever, isolating line from shading, rethinking the classifications of drawing and painting, and finding new intends to portray pictorial space. Pollock’s notoriety…

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  • Jackson Pollock Accomplishments

    truly be a bittersweet dream come true. Jackson Pollock was born on January 28th, 1912 in the small town of Cody, Wyoming. His father Leroy did the best he could to raise Pollock. As a young boy he and his father enjoyed going on surveying trips together as well as learning all they could about the Native American culture. Eager to find himself during his high school tenure, Pollock was labeled a very troubled young man. He was expelled from two different high schools. In 1930, he decided that…

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  • Jackson Pollock Essay

    Jackson Pollock was a psycho-alcoholic. According to the movie Pollock, Jackson Pollock’s work was first exhibited at a show with future wife, Artist Lee Krasner. In the beginning of his career, Pollock’s style of painting was close to the style of Picasso’s art, Cubism. Pollock seemed to have a love/hate feeling for Picasso. He seemed to admire him and maybe had been studying him for so long, like he was trying to crack some sort of code of Picasso’s paintings, but became frustrated that…

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  • Jackson Pollock Influences

    Born in Wyoming in 1912 Jackson Pollock, dubbed as 'Jack the Dripper’, is most famous for his many abstract expressionist drip paintings, such as Number 5 (1948), which sold in 2006 for the world record price of $140 million (Learnodo-Newtonic). Yet, the drip period from 1947 to 1950 formed only a brief part of his self-discovery journey that spanned over two decades, starting from traditional representational art and ending in abstract art. His journey resulted in a significant body of work…

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  • Jesse Grant Wood Analysis

    Lee Krasner.” Jesse “I’ve never heard of...her?” Anna “She’s pretty interesting because she’s mostly only known for being married to Jackson Pollock and for her involvement in his career; she’s often characterized as high-strung and codependent. People tend to forget she was an artist herself, who was also an early innovator of abstract expressionism.” Jesse “Wow I did not know that.” Anna “The style of her paintings did change and seem similar to Jackson Pollock’s style after they…

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  • Jackson Pollock's Blue Poles

    Almost anything can define art. It can appear like virtually everything. It just depends on who is the creator. Jackson Pollock was a creator of abstract expressionism. The style drifts from the realistic drawing and heads more for pure color and configuration. Not everybody cares for the style and discussions have risen on whether this manner of abstract expressionism represents art. Even though the first look makes Jackson Pollock's Blue Poles painting seem like child's play, a closer…

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