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  • Fasting Research Paper

    I always have been fascinated by the spiritual discipline of fasting as I witnessed two different completely different approaches, which people engaged concerning the practice. I grew up in a Korean church that was very amiable toward the practice of fasting. I remember how the church had a regular practice of fasting once every year, as a body of Christ. As a body of Christ, the practice was done in order to seek and pray for a revival of church or improvement of spiritual sense to God. However, when people practiced an individual fasting, they generally understood it as a secret key that opens a heavenly store house or gate. It was viewed as a special prayer or more effective prayer than regular prayers, which made the prayer of saints to…

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  • The Discipline Of Fasting In The Catholic Church

    Fasting is a Christian discipline for one who wants “to let go of an appetite in order to seek God on matters of deep concern for others, myself and the world” It is a discipline that is to be done for God and seen only by God. At the commencement of Bible College I understood fasting to be a practice that people in the church did in order to get God to hear their prayers and move on their behalf and answer the prayers that they had placed before Him during the time of fasting. It was…

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  • Fasting Essay Advantages And Disadvantages

    What is fasting and when should it be done? Fasting is an act of not consuming any food or drink for a certain period of time and it can be done at any day or anytime and they do not have any specific duration for fasting. It depends on the level of their abilities to persist at fasting. Fasting have always been related to religious obligation. Some religions that fasting are Muslims and Christians. For Muslims, they have specific duration and time to fast. In a year, they will have to fast for…

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  • The Self-Discipline Of Fasting In The Catholic Church

    self-discipline of fasting is a practise used throughout the bible, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, and is continued in Christians’ lives today. Fasting is important, as seen by Jesus’s example, to understand that God is our eternal source of life. Summarise your original understanding of the discipline before the course started My understanding of fasting was to give up a necessity, such as food, in order to remind myself to pray and hunger after God. Whether for an answer to a…

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  • Essay On Medieval Food

    made of wood. Noble's would drink fine spiced wine while feasting on peacocks, swans, Yule boar, full boar, gingerbread, sweet plum pudding and King cake. King cakes were sweet cakes in the shape of a crown symbolizing the three kings who brought gifts to baby Jesus. Another example is Saint days. On Saint days the lords and ladies of the manor would host a dinner for the peasant that worked the land. All the food was made of grains. The food would consist of loaves of bread, oat cakes and…

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  • Yom Kippur: Holiest Day In Jewish Culture

    Sage 1. Explain what the feast is about. Answer: Yom Kippur is considered an exceptionally important holiday, if not the most important in Jewish custom. In this 25 hour period, a complete Sabbath is held and no food is to be eaten nor work done the entirety of the day. Additionally, water is not consumed during this time. 2. Why is the feast celebrated? Answer: Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, is the holiest day in Jewish culture. The entire purpose of the celebration is to…

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  • Summary Of Tradition By Esquivel

    burden. In our day and age this struggle can be difficult because with medication some people may need to drink water to take a pill, or even suffer severe migraines if they don’t eat. In my family I follow this tradition, but to some extent. I don’t eat all day until sundown, but I chew gum and drink water, which in the Jewish religion is considered “cheating.” When sundown arrives, it means it’s time to break the fast, which is always the most exciting part of the day. The young adults who are…

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  • Personal Narrative-Let's Get Our Wag On

    wanted, I just knew I was searching for something with some meat to it. I prayed for God to guide me to what He would have me read. I picked out three books, two of which had something to do with fasting. Slowly, I read the books and am fascinated with all the new information I am taking in. In the meantime, I am journaling along with my morning devotions and during my quiet time with God, overwhelmed with the urgency to do a forty day fast. Now you have to understand, I have never done a fast.…

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  • 24-Hour Fast Research Paper

    After the 24-hour fast, I discovered that I basically cannot live the life I live without mass media. Even after I turned off my phone for approximately 23 hours, I was still surrounded by media. Whether that was the pictures on the walls of my room, practicing choral music during a six and half hour rehearsal, drawing in my notebook, or taking a shower. In short, the only time I was actually fasting from media was the 10 hours I was sleeping. However, even then I could have been dreaming of…

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  • Intermittent Fasting

    What is it that you think when you hear the words Intermittent Fasting? Do I have to starve myself to lose weight? Isn’t this used in Religion? In the matter of fact, yes and no to both of those questions. Lets explain what Intermittent Fasting is. What is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent Fasting is a diet in which you cycle through different patterns of eating and fasting in a time of set periods. Intermittent Fasting does not state in which diet you have to be on or whether you should be on…

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