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  • The Importance Of Fasting

    Fasting is a Christian discipline for one who wants “to let go of an appetite in order to seek God on matters of deep concern for others, myself and the world” It is a discipline that is to be done for God and seen only by God. At the commencement of Bible College I understood fasting to be a practice that people in the church did in order to get God to hear their prayers and move on their behalf and answer the prayers that they had placed before Him during the time of fasting. It was like a way to get your prayers answered in an accelerated way. Mother Teresa would be a person in history who I class as someone who significantly contributed to the discipline of fasting. If fasting is something that we do to “remember the poor in our community’ then Mother Teresa did more than just ‘remember’ them she went and lived among them. “She went and cared for ‘the unwanted’, ‘the unloved’, ‘the uncared for’ It is claimed that…

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  • The Spiritual Practice Of Fasting

    I always have been fascinated by the spiritual discipline of fasting as I witnessed two different completely different approaches, which people engaged concerning the practice. I grew up in a Korean church that was very amiable toward the practice of fasting. I remember how the church had a regular practice of fasting once every year, as a body of Christ. As a body of Christ, the practice was done in order to seek and pray for a revival of church or improvement of spiritual sense to God.…

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  • Self Discipline Of Fasting

    self-discipline of fasting is a practise used throughout the bible, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, and is continued in Christians’ lives today. Fasting is important, as seen by Jesus’s example, to understand that God is our eternal source of life. Summarise your original understanding of the discipline before the course started My understanding of fasting was to give up a necessity, such as food, in order to remind myself to pray and hunger after God. Whether for an answer to a…

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  • Fasting Essay Advantages And Disadvantages

    What is fasting and when should it be done? Fasting is an act of not consuming any food or drink for a certain period of time and it can be done at any day or anytime and they do not have any specific duration for fasting. It depends on the level of their abilities to persist at fasting. Fasting have always been related to religious obligation. Some religions that fasting are Muslims and Christians. For Muslims, they have specific duration and time to fast. In a year, they will have to fast for…

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  • The Fast Essay

    wanted, I just knew I was searching for something with some meat to it. I prayed for God to guide me to what He would have me read. I picked out three books, two of which had something to do with fasting. Slowly, I read the books and am fascinated with all the new information I am taking in. In the meantime, I am journaling along with my morning devotions and during my quiet time with God, overwhelmed with the urgency to do a forty day fast. Now you have to understand, I have never done a fast.…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Obesity

    rise, there has been a lot of research done to determine the best way to decrease weight. For many years, studies of body weight regulation have focused almost completely on caloric intake and energy expenditure.23 Since the obesity epidemic continues to skyrocket, one diet that has received a lot of attention is Intermittent fasting (IF), or periods of voluntary abstinence from food and drink.24 In some places, IF has been practiced since the earliest of antiquity depending on culture and…

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  • Advantage Of Fasting

    Fasting time to time helps our body to keep clean Fasting has become very popular these days because of its various benefits to our body. However, it has been practised since a very long time in various cultures of the world. Any tradition and culture include various forms of fasting as a part of their customer's and holy beliefs. First, let us understand the term fasting. Fasting has various forms but basically, it can be defined as a practice of not consuming any form of food and liquid for a…

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  • Advantages Of Fasting In Bodybuilding Training

    Fasting Role in Bodybuilding Training Intermittent Fasting Role in Bodybuilding Training: The central idea behind the implementation of intermittent fasting is to reduce overall calorie consumption, ideally resulting in weight loss. Typically, IF protocols will have the individual undergo a period of intentional severe calorie restriction (ranging from 0-25 percent of the individual's normal daily caloric intake) for a period of 16-24 hours. Following the restrictive phase, the individual…

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  • The Effect Of Fasting On Fasting Blood Glucose Levels

    All the animal experiments were performed in accordance with the guidelines established by the Animal Ethics Committee of Wonkwang University, and this experiment was approved by the committee (Approval No. WKU15-101). To evaluate the effect of BGE on fasting blood glucose levels, C57BL/6J (dbdb) 30 mice (20 –25g, 4 weeks, male Lepr(+/+)) and C57BL/6J (dbh) 10 mice (20–25g, 4 weeks, male Lepr(+/-)) were used as the animal model. All the animals were purchased from SAMTACO (Osan, Korea) All the…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Fasting

    Chapter 6 You will discover many unexpected beneficial effects when you begin to fast. One thing fasting does is to make more of your energy available, so that your body can heal itself naturally. Fasting can be used as remedy for the way we often over indulge. Food is made to be enjoyed, but sometimes we overdo it. Too much food over a long period of time takes its toll on your body. Your body suffers if it is forced to handle more than what is comfortable and appropriate for it. When your body…

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