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  • Ireland The Great Famine

    simple things such as potatoes can be such a devastating thing to engulf a nation. This is of course the Great Hunger, also known as the Great Famine. It was one if not the most devastating events in Irish history. Costing Ireland an estimated 800,000 lives to hunger , and even more emigrating out to other nations. Though this number does not stack up to other tragedies in size, this made up roughly 10 percent of the population alone, not accounting for those who had left. But what did the loss of the potato crop do to Ireland. Potatoes started in Peru when the Spanish discovered them, they proceeded to bring the back to Europe and that’s where…

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  • The Role Of Immigrants In Ireland

    When I was nineteen years old life was pretty hard in Ireland. It was not like you think it is today where many people go for vacation to rest and see the beautiful land. There was an law passed long before I was born that took many rights from our Irish people like voting, being able to defend ourselves with weapons, receiving an education, and enrolling in colleges, gaining employment. Because of the many rights that were taken away there was forced military service among our men leaving…

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  • Why Ireland Starved Summary

    In the book “Why Ireland starved: a quantitative and analytical history of the Irish economy, 1800-1850” the author Joel Mokyr tries to assess why the Great Famine of Ireland from 1845-1852 was so disastrous. Mokyr is an economic historian and as a result, the book is from an economic perspective and does not consider other factors outside of the economy as causes tot the famine. The majority of the book focuses on the lead up to the event and it is not until the last chapter when Mokyr…

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  • Psychological Trauma In Ireland

    The word negligence is etymologically derived from the latin neglegere, literally meaning "not to pick up something.” In this scenario what the British Empire weren’t picking up was the welfare of the Irish people, something that seemed like a straightforward responsibility given the trouble they went through to reign in Ireland and establish the Act of Union in 1800. An example of this is shown clearly in Paddy’s Lament describing the British extraction of food and supplies from Ireland made…

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  • British Rule In Ireland

    Ireland Ireland, under British rule was a very mistreated and violent country. They are better off now, without the rule of the English Crown. Ireland, before Britain came into the picture, did not have a true leader for the country. The country was not even claimed by a big civilization like Britain and Rome for over a thousand years. Once Britain gained their rule over Ireland, over time the Irish society was severely affected and their land was stolen. The colonist and the Irish were violent…

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  • Nationalist Separatism In Ireland

    The terrorism that occurred in Ireland is an example of Nationalist Separatism. Irish Nationalists were rebelling against the British, since they had control over the land. The Irish Nationalists (resorted to terrorist tactics when acting out against the British and Protestants (White 126). Not only did the British rule Northern Ireland, but Protestants were the majority of the population in the north. The Protestants favored staying under British rule. The Catholics did not agree with this, but…

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  • The Troubles In Northern Ireland

    The Troubles began because Northern Ireland was divided between the Protestant unionists and the Roman Catholic nationalists. The unionists wanted to remain part of United Kingdom while the nationalists wanted to join the Republic of Ireland. The Catholic in Ireland felt discriminated against by the Protestant majority who made up most of parliament. The conflict began in 1968 and ended in 1998. First, Irish people rioted against British rule, and eventually parted from them creating the…

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  • Northern Ireland Research Paper

    Abstract The conflict in Northern Ireland goes back to the seventeenth century when the Scottish and English Protestants colonized to a great extent the Northern Ireland area. Whatever remains of Ireland was predominately Catholic and gained autonomy from the United Kingdom in 1922. Moreover, six regions that make up Northern Ireland, a dominant part Protestant territory with a Catholic minority, chose to stay with the United Kingdom. Unionists in Northern Ireland, for the most part Protestants,…

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  • Reconciliation In Northern Ireland Essay

    Northern Ireland conflict After getting its independence from Britain, Ireland remained united with England, Wales as well as Scotland. When talking of the conflict in Northern Ireland, the division between Catholics and Protestants cannot be omitted. Historically, the Irish nation is a catholic nation. However, the citizens in North Ireland have ancestors who were Protestant immigrants from England and Scotland. Therefore, the conflict stems up as a result of a split population with differing…

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  • The Easter Rising In Ireland

    During the beginning centuries in which the whole of Ireland was owned and governed by Britain, political issues were raised from the way in which Britain treated the people of Ireland and furthermore used them only to profit for the motherland of England. The British government boldly put forward governed acts against the Irish working people; these acts were established throughout the 17th century. The way in which the British government drove their proposed acts on Ireland made it harsher for…

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