Iris recognition

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  • Identification And Synthesis Essay

    decade has seen the rapid development of iris identification in many approaches to identify unique iris features such as crypts. However, it is noted that, unique iris feature change due to iris aging, diet or human health conditions. The changing of iris features creates the mismatch in comparison phase to determine either genuine or not genuine. Therefore, to determine genuinely, this study proposes a new model of iris recognition using combinational approach of a split block and particle swarm optimization (PSO) in selecting the best crypt among unique iris features template. The split block has been used in this study to separate the image with the part that very important in the iris template meanwhile, the particles in PSO searches the most optimal crypt features in the iris. The results indicate an improvement of PSNR rates, which is 23.886 dB and visually improved quality of crypts for iris identification. The significance of this study contributes to a new method of feature extraction using bio-inspired,…

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  • The Rape Of Nanking Analysis

    The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang relates the invasion of Nanking by the Japanese army and narrates what the Japanese did to the Chinese army, citizens and other people of the city and how the different people acted during the event. Iris Chang's description of the Japanese soldiers, the Chinese, and the Westerners follow what Machiavelli, Locke, and Rousseau say about human nature. Their ideas on how people behave in the state of nature and Machiavelli's behaviors that leaders should exhibit…

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  • Characteristics Of Multimodal Biometric Face And Biometric Recognition

    CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION OVERVIEW Multimodal biometric face and fingerprint recognition using XOR configuration system based on adaptive principal component analysis and multilayer perception. Multimodal biometric is a combination of physiological and behavioral characteristics into a single biometric system. The important cause to combine singular traits is to get improve recognition rate and accurate result. This is done when feature and trait of biometric are statistically independent. The…

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  • Disadvantages Of Speech Reverberation

    Speech reverberation is the distortion of the sound by its delayed and attenuated copies. These speech copies originate from the reflections of surrounding walls or objects. This phenomenon of reverberation reduces speech intelligibility and degrades the performance of hearing aids and Automatic Speech recognition (ASR) systems [1]- [4]. The resulted speech distortion can be contributed by two distinct components of reverberation - the early reflections which cause the coloration of speech, and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Speech Recognition

    Introduction Speech recognition is a computer software that operates computers to distinguish speech and translate it into text. The term recognition refers to the software that recognize or identify the sounds of the speaker rather than the exact words the speaker is saying. It provides people with synchronized captions on recorded videos, television shows and movies. Speech recognition can be found anywhere and many people today are familiar with it. It can be found in Google Chrome,…

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  • Technology Innovation: 4D Printing

    than to have a pack of lions led by a jackass. I believe strong leadership can raise the level of performance among a group. I also believe weak leadership can destroy even the strongest group in a matter of time. Speech Recognition Technology is growing at a rapid pace with advancements occurring at a rate that has a direct impact on every part of society. The medical field has benefited from many of these technical advancements. The ability to screen, diagnose, and treat patients…

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  • Susan Wenzell Case

    accept additional storage such as a Secure Digital Card. The ATS is requesting Susan is provided with a 32GB iPod w/ case. The iPod will allow Susan to upload her books in an MP3 format for access when she is not at her computer. Susan does not need an All in One Printer. Writing: It is difficult for Susan to write/type her thoughts down before she forgets them. Susan articulates well, and she has better explained the material verbally rather than typing. The ATS discussed the possibility…

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  • Biometrics Recognition Essay

    What is biometrics recognition? If you dissect the word “Biometrics” you get “Bio” stand for life and “Metrics” which is measurment. Biometrics recognition is the science that is able to identify your speech, fingerprints, movement, and even your face. There are many different uses for biometric software; Police records use fingerprints to create a profile for people to be referred to. Speech recognition is more commonly seen in smartphone devices. The main purpose for biometrics is to easier…

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  • Facial Recognition Essay

    Facial recognition has become one of the most widely used technologies utilized both in the civilian and government/military worlds. Facebook, airports, banks, and many other businesses incorporate this technology for added security, added features, and convenience measures. Even though Bledsoe, Chan, and Bisson began work on this in the 1960’s, many of the advancements began in the 1990s. Most algorithms are grouped into one of two categories, template-based or geometric-based. (Marques)…

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  • Face Detection In Artificial Intelligence

    These algorithms recognition speed, small memory needed, but low recognition rate. In Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Face recognition, features face recognition method is based on KL transform, KL transform image compression is an optimal orthogonal transformation. High dimensional image space after the KL transform a new set of orthogonal basis, to retain one of the important orthogonal group, these groups may be spanned by a low-dimensional linear space. If we assume that the face has a…

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