Hubertus Bigend: Betrayal And Competition

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Betrayal and Competition
Today's entrepreneurs consider technology as the holy grail of development and success. Any venture that an individual goes into today must include a revolutionary technological aspect if they are to succeed. Seeing as how this knowledge is common amongst entrepreneurs, an aspect of competition arises in the market. Ambition and passion for success override everything else in this business, as is evident in today’s tech world. For instance, Facebook, what is now a multibillion-dollar franchise, has born witness to partnerships and betrayals. It is in the public domain that the CEO downsized the partner’s shares, effectively knocking him out of the ‘controlling shareholders’ board, in an attempt to make the company more
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His competitiveness brings out the traitorous tendencies in him, illustrated in various areas of the novel. Business competition is what drives Bigend to look for experts in marketing; his intention is to invest in the internet as he looks for the mysterious content creator, which he believes can give his company a competitive edge. When Bigend offers Cayce the job of looking for the “creator,” Cayce is uneasy about trusting Bigend and the people he “partners” with to assist them in the search. The distrust is clearly portrayed in the following conversation between Cayce and Bigend: ‘And? What, Hubertus? Knowing that you hired her?’ ‘Yes,’ Bigend nods, patiently, ‘because we need her on our side. And now she is’’ (211). Bigend is well aware of Doroteas’ character. He, however, chooses to put Cayce and Dorotea, two fundamentally different individuals together, like a sheep and a wolf. All he cares about is his bottom line and nothing for his “partners.” Here we perceive how his competitiveness blinds him to what matters, and that is the cohesion of his team. Bigend, perhaps in an effort to ease Cayce’s mind, offers to collaborate with Cayce, claiming that he will present her with all the resources that she will need for her well being and performance. In the end, Cayce feels betrayed because Bigend does not avail the required support and this even puts Cayce’s life in jeopardy down the line. Bigend makes questionable decisions that will lead to betrayal to maximize his chances of success in his race to find the creator of the

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