John D Rockefeller Robber Baron Essay

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In the late 1800’s, America experienced a new time of advances called the Industrial Revolution. This time period changed the way people worked and lived. Factories lured people off their farms and into cities. Many entrepreneurs emerged from this time period, leaving behind a mixed legacy. John D. Rockefeller had a mixed legacy, like many other entrepreneurs of his time. John D. Rockefeller was a robber baron. The thing he wanted most was to have as much of the market as possible, also called a monopoly. In order to achieve that, he reduced his cost. Once he reduced it, he was able to drive other companies out of business. So, as his company expanded, it made it easier for him to drive out all of his competitors out of the race. Rockefeller created a monopoly, making him a robber baron. Rockefeller was a robber baron, but he was also a captain of industry. He treated …show more content…
Spiegel wasn’t afraid to fire his employees that were working below the usual or the standard. Many people have said that he is headstrong and very arrogant. Some of those people say that he has to be that way in order to drive the company. Reggie Brown, one of the company’s co-founders, filed a lawsuit against Spiegel, claiming that he was forced off of the team by Spiegel. Evan Spiegel has been more of a robber baron than a captain of industry with the Snapchat company.
The Industrial Revolution was a time period in which America grew and developed. John D. Rockefeller was the owner of the Standard Oil Company. He created a monopoly with his business, which made him a robber baron. He was also a major philanthropist, donating millions of dollars to different charities, which also made him a captain of industry. Evan Spiegal created Snapchat, but he treated his workers and the other co-founders badly, so he is a robber baron. Many entrepreneurs have mixed legacies, and the Industrial Revolution made that easier to

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