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  • Hubertus Bigend: Betrayal And Competition

    born witness to partnerships and betrayals. It is in the public domain that the CEO downsized the partner’s shares, effectively knocking him out of the ‘controlling shareholders’ board, in an attempt to make the company more competitive. Although it was an effective strategy, it left the partner and friend in a precarious situation, no doubt feeling betrayed and left out. Such situations play out often in the ever growing world of technology and innovation as everyone seeks to be the next big fish in the market. Of course, we, the spectators, pay little attention to the betrayals and broken dreams that are left behind on the road to success. In his novel Pattern Recognition, William Gibson displays the various aspects of human behavior when it comes to success in the technology and business industry. Gibson portraits how an obsession with having a competitive edge, creates a willingness in individuals to do whatever it takes to get what they want at the expense of other’s well being. In the novel, Hubertus Bigend is portrayed as a competitive and ambitious individual who will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. His competitiveness brings out the traitorous tendencies in him, illustrated in various areas of the novel. Business competition is what drives Bigend to look for experts in marketing; his intention is to invest in the internet as he looks for the mysterious content creator, which he believes can give his company a competitive edge. When Bigend offers Cayce the…

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  • Biological Themes In The Neuromancer

    those two AIs unfold and our questions of AI ability to act on its own with human ethic and compassion. From the science fiction novel "Neuromancer" by William Gibson in 1984, the author digitalized the world in his book and told the story by the third point of view using Henry Dorsett Case. The case, a console cowboy, was able to jack into cyberspace using a port in his head. This is really the same as a hacker in the Internet world today. Apparently, Case lost his ability to hack into…

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  • Reflective Essay: A New Way To Be Mad

    In a world where technological and scientific advances are realized daily, communication with people around the world is a common occurrence, and knowledge is becoming increasingly accessible, a wider window has opened for the individual to explore, discover, and/or create their ideal self. We see ourselves passing the times of idle wonder and theory of our past philosophers and intellects. The consequence, however, is that knowing yourself, as well as projecting and thereby sharing this self…

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  • Personal Narrative: It's Time To Save The World

    Beep. Beep. Beep. The alarm next to my bed sounded. Looking up, the clock read 6:00. Time to wake up. Time to save the world. I might not look like much. Average height, average build, and an unmemorable face. None of that matters in the Matrix though. In the Matrix, you can be anything. In the Matrix, I am the most elite hacker in the world. Hacking isn 't like what it used to be. Used to be AI sat there covered in their ice and all you had to do was run a program to break through without…

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  • An Analysis Of Motivation In Burning Chrome By William Gibson

    because no one in our family ever did. We may want to become a high-level athlete because we are inspired by our favorite athletes. Other examples of this include wanting to get a high paying job because we grew up in poverty and doing well in school so we can escape living in a bad neighborhood as well as coming back to that neighborhood when we are successful to show the children that it can be done and motivate them to achieve similar goals. Those are just a few of many examples of ways…

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  • African American Movie

    who is meant to be Chinese and Hawaii decent plus the casting of Caucasians as majority residents of Hawaii despite the fact that Hawaii consists of a 70% non-white population. The film was declared as box-office bomb mainly due to it misguiding casting choice, even the director of film Cameron Crowe issued an apology for it via his blog. As for the reverse I believe Mel Gibson film Apocalypto (2006), is a good example a film that features a casts of Indigenous Mexican and Native American…

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  • Passion Of Christ Analysis

    tell the story about Christ’s death and resurrection. Then in 2004 Mel Gibson made his version of the movie and as I like to say brought it in to the 21st century with updated graphics, violence, and blood. The combination of images, faith, and history this film truly was like no other Passion of Christ movie ever done. The Passion of the Christ is a serious and deep piece of cinematography, it not just show us how much pain one man went through for us but it celebrates for the unbeliever the…

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  • Differences Between Hamlet Movie And Movie

    COMPARE AND CONTRAST HAMLET In many different ways, typically the story is much different than the movies that are based off of the stories. That being said, Hamlet is no exception to this theory. The movie starring Mel Gibson follows the story line pretty well for the most part. However there are some major changes to make the movie attract to more of a variety of audiences. It shows many things in which the play does not. Hamlet is a story of a son of the son of a king that is trying to…

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  • Narrative Essay On Taco Town

    It was a cold day in Taco Town, everyone was staying inside because of the weather. it was so cold outside the taco sauce river had froze and that has never happened before because it was made from the hottest of all sauces. the mayor of Taco Town was worried that the people would soon start to freak out about the river freezing over and wanted to make a statement to the town. the river was the main source of flavor in the town it made everything so much better, it also provided warmth to the…

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  • Vacation Mission Statement

    A vacation without a prior plan, a pilot without a map, or a family without a mission statement, leads to chaos rather than a destination. A sense of direction and a common purpose to work toward is what a vacation, pilot, and family need to function fully and vibrantly. A vacation without some sort of planning will result in wasting the vacation time because of undecided decisions that need to be made upon arrival. A pilot without a map becomes aimless flying; a family with no mission statement…

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