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  • Irish Dance Since Riverdance

    Commercialization of Irish Dance Since Riverdance Since Riverdance hit the world stage in 1995, the culture of Irish Dance has evolved and grown. However, experts within the dance community disagree whether and to what extent Riverdance has played a role in these changes. The scholarly articles, dissertations, and books examined in this literature review examine different aspects of the art and sport: changes in costumes, technique and demographic of the dancers. Most rely on first-hand interviews, but each study differs in the group of people they interview about the subject. Some turned to dance teachers, others to Irish Dance judges. As a result of incorporating people with various backgrounds, each article has a slightly different approach when evaluating what role Riverdance has had in creating modern…

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  • Irish Dance In Irish Culture

    Dance plays an extremely large part in Irish culture. It serves as a basis for Irish ritual, as it has not only been used in courtly ceremonies but has also been seen in funeral rituals throughout Irish history. Today, Irish step dancing is an extremely serious and competitive sport. Although traditional Irish dance has undergone many changes to reach its current grandeur, Irish dance has a humble beginning as a social activity designed to bring people together. The first mention of Irish dance…

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  • Early Christian Dance

    are a wide variety of dances that date the entire way back to the Middle Ages, all the way to our modern dances now. After watching these videos the most important factor established was the history of each dance group. If the dance was from an earlier time period religion really played a factor. Religion is represented through the music and also the style of the dance. The different moves incorporated by the body were very important and their outfits even played a large role as well. One thing…

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  • Origin Of Irish Step Dancing

    history, Irish culture has faced its fair share of tragedy, alienation and isolation from the rest of european culture. However, one facet of the culture has continued to thrive since it’s creation. Irish Step dancing, which first appeared in the 1700s, has been such a successful part of Irish culture, that it still remains at the pinnacle today, almost two hundred years after its creation. Irish culture has changed over time as the Irish survived through famine and an domineering and…

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  • Singing In The Rain

    Pennsylvania, US and lived till 83. Kelly passed away on February 2,1996. Even though he was a citizen of America, he was Irish and ¼ German. Gene began to dance when he was 15. He was known as an all rounder because he was an American actor, singer, film director, producer, dancer and above all a choreographer. He was well known for his good looks and energetic style of dance. Kelly 's family started a dance studio in Pittsburgh. In 1932 the studio was renamed as Gene Kelly studio of Dance…

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  • Psychological Trauma In Ireland

    consciousness of a people, as exemplified by the effects on the Irish people due to the great famine. Significant trauma can cause a great degree of mental anguish, distress, fear and general hardship which can pervade much to just about all of a single person or an entire people’s lives. A serious side effect of large scale trauma is how it can alter a person or country’s perception of themselves, the world around them, and also how others see them,…

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  • Summary: Irish Immigrants In America

    In America, written and directed by Jim Sheridan, focuses on a family of Irish immigrants who move to New York in the 1980s, and must adjust to their new life. Personal experiences of the Irish during the diaspora have stayed the same throughout this film, for a countless number of reasons including job type, and crime. In America captures real life struggles throughout the eyes of the Irish, and how they had to make the best out of any situation. The Sullivan family emigrates from Ireland to…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Dance That Changed My Life

    always smiling. It intrigued me, and I quickly asked my mother what they were doing, disturbing the people around us. “Shh.. They are Irish dancing.” She replied, trying to push me back into my seat. After that, I could barely contain myself. For weeks I pestered my parents, asking and asking to Irish dance like the pretty ladies had on that giant wooden stage. My mom finally gave in but made it very clear that it was only because I was so hyper. For the next two years, I went on and off between…

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  • Gene Kelly Research Paper

    “The World’s First Blue-Collar Dancing Movie Star” The dancer known to film buffs and stage historians as Gene Kelly was born to an Irish-Catholic family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 23rd, 1912 as Eugene Curran Kelly. One of five children, Kelly started performing from a relatively young age as part of the Five Kellys, a family troupe patterned after the famous Seven Little Foys” (Fletcher 16). Although he took dance classes at the studio partially owned by his mother, Kelly did not…

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  • Isadora Duncan Dance Analysis

    In the late 1700s, early 1800s, ballet, and classical music were iconic across the world. Ballet originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century and later developed into a concert dance form in France and Russia. It is a very technical, rigid dance full with grace and intricate footwork. Its vocabulary is based in French and Italian, with a philosophy that is historically recognizable by almost all. Ballet requires years of training, which is often expensive. Most people who…

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