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  • Essay On Fish Ethnography

    interesting to share about the uses of language in my family, I was reminded of an anonymous metaphor that easily relates to ethnography, “It is not the fish that discovers the water,” which recognizes the challenge of me as the fish to see the social world that surrounds me; ‘water’. Introspectively becoming that fish that does ‘discover’ the water that surround me in a socio-linguistic sense, I took a harder look at irregularities I had never before heard outside the context of my immediate family. Passed down from generations matrilineally: Great Grandmother, Grandmother and Mother alike have recited two distinct Irish rooted limericks and poems to me through the course of my life. As my great grandmother passed, G.G. (my mom’s Mother) and Jamie (my mom), continued the tradition at every family party, starting either one or both in a kind of…

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  • An Irish Airman Foresees His Death Figurative Language

    rewarding when deciphered. Despite complex language and abstract metaphors, Yeats employs many stylistic devices to make his poetry more accessible. The area I found most rewarding was his subject matter. The philosophical nature was very demanding but offered us a different perspective on both life and Irish history. On a technical level, Yeats’ poems are superb. In my opinion however, the simple things, executed immaculately, are the most effective in his poems. The power of the opening lines…

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  • Summary Of Brian Friel's Translations

    1980 play Translations tells the story of the fictional Donegal village of Baile Beag during the First Ordnance Survey of Ireland – a mapping of the country and anglicizing the Irish names of the places. The major theme of the play is language, and more specifically how the loss of a language can also help erase people’s history, culture and identity. In the 1800s Ireland was still a predominantly Gaelic-speaking nation. In 1975, only 2.7% of Irish speakers possessed a native speaker ability and…

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  • Molly Ivors And Gabriel In The Dead: An Analysis

    In Adam Kaul’s “Between Tradition and Innovation”, he discusses the ways innovation has changed the Irish tradition of pub seisiúns. Specifically, he notes how this classic Irish social event has been molded by advances and developments of the twentieth century, such as poverty, immigration, politics and technology. However, there is a lot of tension between “preserving the core of the tradition and allowing for creative innovations,” (Kaul, 92) which can be seen through various historical…

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  • Elizabeth Bowen The Last September Analysis

    recognized as noble, the lesser culture has been converted into a mirror image of their own great civilization. To the culture being dominated this mirror is most similar to one you would find at a carnival; they look into it and see a twisted, hardly recognizable version of what they once were. The colonization of a country by a greater power impacts the internal culture of the country not only through the loss of their national identity but by the decimation of the language, art, and core…

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  • Rising Of The Moon And Trifles Compare And Contrast

    It was produced by Lady Gregory in 1907 in Ireland. During that time in Ireland separation talk was very common, but this was 10 years before any form of revolution away from England took place. Lady Gregory was a major supporter of Irish separation and the promotion of Irish culture. Most of her plays reflected this. The rising of the moon was no exception, and even the title comes from a rebel Irish song. The play contains a lot of symbolism, and the character themselves represent her views on…

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  • Irish Dance Since Riverdance

    Commercialization of Irish Dance Since Riverdance Since Riverdance hit the world stage in 1995, the culture of Irish Dance has evolved and grown. However, experts within the dance community disagree whether and to what extent Riverdance has played a role in these changes. The scholarly articles, dissertations, and books examined in this literature review examine different aspects of the art and sport: changes in costumes, technique and demographic of the dancers. Most rely on first-hand…

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  • Thomas Macdonagh's Literary Analysis

    overall impact Thomas MacDonagh had on Irish literature during his short life. Pound states that MacDonagh’s ‘loss is a loss to both Ireland and to literature, and it is a loss bound to be felt as his work becomes more widely known’. He was born in 1878 in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary to a father from Roscommon and a mother from Dublin, both school teachers. Both his family life and the influence of his parents are key to understanding the shape his life took. It is abundantly obvious that his…

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  • The Rising Of The Moon By Lady Gregory Analysis

    at the Abbey Theatre. The theatre being known for Irish literature and drama, the majority of Gregory’s plays were performed there. Different literary critic have slightly different suggestions on what they consider the main theme of this play to be. Two analysis of Lady Gregory and her one-act play that will be presented in this paper are by Elaine T. Partnow and Edward A. Kopper Jr. Two people who can be considered credible sources considering they are both authors of books on women…

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  • The Themes Of Leda And The Swan By Seamus Heaney

    In tracing how William Butler Yeats influenced Seamus Heaney, it is significant to note similarities in their backgrounds. Yeats was intensely mindful of his role as a national poet/politician representing all Irish. Heaney also evolved into a definitive poet for the entire island. Both transitioned from being primarily Irish poets to world poets as evidenced by their winning of individual Nobel prizes seventy years apart. Like Yeats, Heaney was recognized globally, as likely to lecture at…

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