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  • Tata Steel Swot Analysis

    Strength 1. Raises over 14 million tonnes of ores from its captive collieries, iron ore mines and quarries 2. Adaptability of company in the fast changing environment 3. Excellent integration with Corus which has more than 2000 metallurgists 4. Control over raw materials 5. Economies of scale 6. Strong backing of Tata brand name 7. Operations in 26 countries and a commercial presence in over 50 countries Weakness 1. Operational efficiency are not as good as international leaders 2. Slightly lagging in technological front and innovations 3. High debt loads 4. High cost of energy Opportunity 1. Newer technologies- The Corex process, The Hismelt process, Direct iron ore smelting 2. Higher pricing opportunities in foreign markets 3. Acquisition…

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  • Fortescue Metal Group Case Analysis

    ‘B0801 Iron Ore Mining in Australia industry report’, May 2013, page 18. 24 Ibid page 10. 25 Ibid page 9. 17 4 iron ore falls, FMG must increase production to maintain profitability (as in 2012);26 however workforce shortages may provide an obstacle to increasing production capacity. (e) Minerals Resource Rent Tax (MRRT) – An additional tax expense will decrease FMG’s profits. Deloitte notes that ‘the combined effect of the mineral resources rent tax (MRRT) and the carbon tax…

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  • The Industrialization Of Andrew Carnegie And The Industrial Revolution

    managers were in the company, the better the profits would be as it would benefit them as well. All of these factors are present in big businesses today. Corporations today still follow Carnegie’s lead. Carnegie designed a structure where he could run the mills while controlling the costs, he “cut the prices; scoop the market;run the mills full”; and then “watch the costs and the profits will take care of themselves”(111). Carnegie was also among the first to use the method of vertical…

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  • Simondou Project Case Study

    a. Describe the Simondou iron ore exploration and mining project. The Simondou project is a mining and ore exploration project in Southeast Guinea, managed by the Rio Tinto Company. The mining camp is located between the cities of Dandano, Boola and Beyla. The surrounding communities are composed by many of the poorest people of the Republic of Guinea. There is lack of adequate sanitation and safe drinking water. The existing health system is weak and overwhelmed. Avid to explore the iron of…

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  • Environmental Impacts Of Sluicing In Ancient Egypt

    set in the bottom to create a zone to allow gold to drop through. The box is then placed in a stream to channel water flow. Today, the method of sluicing is still used. Along with lode mining, which is where gold is extracted from rock, and underground mining, where a tunnel is drilled to the source of the ore, and then the ore is transported out for processing. Gold is also still used to make jewelry, but it is also used to make electronics, and for medical, finance, and aerospace uses. The…

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  • Frontier Mining Company Case Study

    Guyana Frontier Mining Corporation (GMFC) is a public mineral exploration company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V: GYG), and is focused on the exploration, discovery and development of precious metals deposits located within the South American country of Guyana. The company formerly Shoreham Resources Ltd came into operation in the year 1987 and began acquiring interests in Guyanese gold exploration properties in 2007. The company holds various rights to obtain working interest in…

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  • BHP Billiton Case Study

    BHP Billiton is an Anglo-Australian multinational mining, metals and petroleum company with its headquarter in Perth, Australia. According to the revenues in the year 2013, BHP Billiton is the world's largest mining company and Australia's largest company. They specialize in mining, processing and oil and gas production at sites in over 25 countries, such as Canada, Chile, Peru and many more. Their main products happen to be coal, copper, iron ore, petroleum and potash. In BHP Billiton,…

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  • Amec Foster Wheeler: Case Study

    Amec Foster Wheeler (2015) is a global engineering services company with operations in 150 countries including South Africa. It offers consultancy, engineering, project management, operations and construction services. It serves the oil & gas, power, clean energy, environment & infrastructure and mining industries. Globally its clients include both the private and public sector, are among the world’s biggest and best companies in their fields, such as BP, Shell, Saudi Aramco, Petronas and etc.…

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  • The Diamond Industry Essay

    The diamond industry employs 38,000 people, directly in Southern Africa, the main industrial location for diamonds). This employment provides shelter, food and clean water for people working in the mines. In South Africa, a rough 28,000 people are employed for cutting, mining, valuing, polishing, jewelry manufacturing, and retail. These few job opportunities open doors for workers to live under a roof, to get their kids educated, to obtain appropriate health care and much more. "We know that…

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  • Singareni Collieries Company Case Study

    The Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) is a Government coal mining organization mutually possessed by the Government of Telangana and Government of India on a 51:49 value basis. The reserves of Singareni coal stretch over 350 Km of the Pranahita – Godavari Valley of Telangana with a huge amount coming up to 8791 million tons. SCCL is as of now working on 16 opencast and 31 underground mines in 4 regions of Telangana with an employee base of around 58,837. Sustainable Management in SCCL…

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