Identification And Synthesis Essay

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The past decade has seen the rapid development of iris identification in many approaches to identify unique iris features such as crypts. However, it is noted that, unique iris feature change due to iris aging, diet or human health conditions. The changing of iris features creates the mismatch in comparison phase to determine either genuine or not genuine. Therefore, to determine genuinely, this study proposes a new model of iris recognition using combinational approach of a split block and particle swarm optimization (PSO) in selecting the best crypt among unique iris features template. The split block has been used in this study to separate the image with the part that very important in the iris template meanwhile, the particles in PSO searches the most optimal crypt features in the iris. The results indicate an improvement of PSNR rates, which is 23.886 dB and visually improved quality of crypts for iris identification. The significance of this study contributes to a new method of feature extraction using bio-inspired, …show more content…
Figure 4 shows a normalization image of iris template size [20 x 240] is taken from CASIA database and split it into four block size [10 x 120]. Then the first blocks are taken and apply PSO to find the best edge of the crypt. Figure 5 shows a transformation of the split block using a different type of method. Some of the objects ' intensity is very similar to the background of the image and some shapes are more unequal. In figure 4, iris template image of size [20 x 240] have been split into 4 blocks of size [10 x 120] using mat2cell, indexing, block proc and matrix technique. The result shows the image quality improvements of matrix method as compared to others mentioned. The result shows the image that employing the enhancement can help in identification of iris image pattern matching

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