Irish Civil War

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  • Irish Immigration History

    Context of Irish Immigration While the general public of today consider the Irish as under the umbrella term “Caucasian,” there was a point in American history where Irish immigrants had the same social status as African Americans. It occurred when the largest group of poor immigrants—over a million Irish immigrants—arrived on America’s doorstep during the years of the great Irish Potato Famine which began in 1845 and ended six years later (The History Place); the catastrophe sent the one million immigrants to America to simply try and survive. The racism, as it would be classified according to historical context, towards the Irish were not as institutionalized as the Japanese, which occurred 40 years later. Rather, majority…

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  • The Themes Of Leda And The Swan By Seamus Heaney

    In tracing how William Butler Yeats influenced Seamus Heaney, it is significant to note similarities in their backgrounds. Yeats was intensely mindful of his role as a national poet/politician representing all Irish. Heaney also evolved into a definitive poet for the entire island. Both transitioned from being primarily Irish poets to world poets as evidenced by their winning of individual Nobel prizes seventy years apart. Like Yeats, Heaney was recognized globally, as likely to lecture at…

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  • Spoiling Opportunities As A Terror Strategy: The Irish Republican Army

    Opportunities as a Terror Strategy: The Irish Republican Army When an act of terrorism occurs, it can often seem like random, mindless violence to the victims and the bystanders. It can be surprising, therefore, to realize that terrorism is actually a very strategic decision. Terrorism can be very effective, used usually when a group is not strong enough to directly confront and force a policy change from a state actor, choosing instead to persuade their target by showing publicly the costs…

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  • Essay On Five Points

    During the Civil War times, New York was full of many slums, including Five Points in Manhattan. It was full of gangs, crimes and several bars. It was full of many Irish immigrants trying to escape the Great Famine in Ireland. Five Points was considered one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in New York. This paper will tell you all about the neighborhood of Five Points. Five Points was completely made up of immigrants. Irish people came to escape the Great Famine, and many of them also lived…

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  • Summary Of The Pomegranate By W. B. Yeats

    influential Irish poet of the twentieth century. He was an advocate for Irish Nationalism and one of the leaders of the Celtic revival movement. Through Yeats’s pastoral, mythic imagery and, later, his explorations of the country’s political and social struggles, he gave a bold poetic voice to Ireland. His influence on the national narrative of Ireland propelled him into the Irish Senate for two terms and solidified his legacy as the driving force behind the Irish literary revival. In 1967,…

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  • Literature And Criticism In A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift

    “A Modest Proposal” is an extremely complex piece of literature and satire. Written by Jonathan Swift, the same man who wrote Gulliver’s Travels, however this work is considerably different from Gulliver’s Travels. Swift’s more popular full length novel is a story about the human condition and the interactions among people. “A Modest Proposal” is noticeably different and, without the proper background, perplexing work due to its subject matter. It handles the complex interactions between the…

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  • Was The Civil War Really About Slavery?

    Was the Civil War really about slavery? For over a century, one of a famous conflict in American history, the Civil War of 1861-1865, with Abraham Lincoln and his views of slaves. However, was the civil war exclusively about slavery? Was there more to the equation than just moral and ethical differences on the issues of extreme oppression and human rights? To answer these questions, we must first explain the economic and social landscape of the United States led to war. More specifically, to…

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  • The Revolution Of 1861 Summary

    Andre Fleche’s book The Revolution of 1861: The American Civil War in the Age of Nationalist Conflict examines the Civil war on an international level. Unlike popular accounts of the Civil War as primarily a domestic dispute, Fleche assessed how the European revolutions of 1848 in influenced the North and South’s perceptions of the United States. This book examines how the Civil War actually fits into a general pattern of revolution where the nation developed into another form that would mature…

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  • An Old Fashioned Soldier In A Modern War Analysis

    Political leadership guided the North and South landscape, but the military leadership guided the battlefield. The Civil War was a modern war compared to the Napoleonic wars and for the South; Lee is seen by some scholars as a leader out of touch with modern warfare while other generals such as those from the Union were waging a modern style of warfare. In the article, An Old-Fashioned Soldier in a Modern War?: Robert E. Lee as Confederate General, Gary Gallagher takes a historiographical…

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  • Theme Of Revenge In Julius Caesar

    what is about to come against the conspirators. In this piece, Antony begs pardon of Caesar’s dead body for having been nice to his murderers. He predicts that Caesar’s spirit will be ranging for revenge, and it will be followed by chaos and destruction of civil war in all of Italy. Antony is calling for revenge, as he wants the conspirators to pay up for what they have done to Caesar. He implies this by using an angry tone and connotation of aggressive words, the…

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