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  • Oedipus The King And A Scandal In Bohemia Analysis

    sight is taken very literally in many senses. Not only does Oedipus take everything he sees at face value, but also he goes so far as to literally gouge his eyes out to “unsee” the horrors, which now surround him. For example, he asks “why should I see / whose vision showed me nothing sweet to see” (Sophocles 1334-1335). Here it is evident that physical sight is what has quite literally caused the demise of Oedipus. Sight is directly responsible for the path the story takes and the consequences each character faces. In comparison, in “A Scandal in Bohemia,” sight is taken in a bit of a less literal sense. While sight is naturally important to any detective work, it is not directly responsible for Holmes’ downfall. When Holmes is duped by Irene Adler, it is because of a combination of his hyper precision, miscalculations, and overconfidence. Despite Holmes technically “losing” the case, he does not feel the need to physically gouge his eyes out as a punishment, and therefore sight in this story takes on a different meaning. Just as physical sight dictates the course of Oedipus the King, Holmes’ over analyses dictate how the mystery unfolds. It is these differences that make each story unique and that have resounding implications in terms of the course each story…

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  • Irene Adler's A Scandal In Bohemia

    Paras Gupta Professor Huff ENG 236 June 8, 2015 A Scandal in Bohemia Irene Adler is usually a fictional character within the Sherlock Holmes stories. She had been featured within the short history "A Scandal in Bohemia". She is one of the most well- known female characters within the Sherlock Holmes line, despite appearing in just one history, and is generally used as being a romantic curiosity for Holmes throughout derivative functions, though within the story it is made apparent that Holmes is…

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  • Sherlock Holmes Character Analysis

    person died, only the fact that he didn’t solve the case in time. Despite of Sherlock’s inferiority and psychotic nature, it can be perceived that he is self-actualized. Sherlock can actually say he is self-actualized and Maslow would agree. Physiologically, he meets his needs. He eats well, sleeps fine, and drinks clean enough water to survival. He stays fairly healthy more or less, has enough clothes to keep him safe from the elements, and has a place to live. Safety, he meets because he is a…

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  • Analysis Of Irene Adler In A Scandal In Ademia

    Irene Adler: The Unexpected Victor In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “A Scandal In Bohemia,” one of the first things mentioned is Sherlock Holmes’ lasting impression of Irene Adler. It becomes clear to the reader within the first few sentences of this short story that Sherlock Holmes was captivated by this mysterious woman. It is not until the end of the story that the reader learns why Holmes, who formerly seemed to mostly disregard the opposite sex, was so enamored with this particular woman.…

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  • Adlerian Play Therapy Case Study

    Phases of Adlerian Play Therapy In Adlerian Play Therapy (AdPT), there are a total of four phases or procedures in the play therapy session. The four phases of AdPT are establishing relationship, investigate the lifestyle of the child, gain insight and administer reorientation and reeducation (Kottman, 2001). In the Adlerian Play Therapy, the therapists will include parent consultation because they believed that parent contributes greatly to the development of the child. They served as place…

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  • Freud's Differences Of Alfred Adler And Sigmund Freud

    Audre Lorde said, “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.” Although they do share some similarities, Alfred Adler and Sigmund Freud’s differences were substantial. Adler and Freud had once paved the way for modern day psychology together, but were inevitably torn apart by their differences in psychological theory. Adler had a very positive, somewhat appreciative point of view on religion, believing it bettered people.…

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  • Adlerian Theory: Comparative Analysis Of Individual Counseling Theories

    The three theories are Adlerian, Cognitive Behavioral, and Solution Focused Brief Therapy. In this paper the key concepts, therapeutic process, and application of these three theories will be addressed. Adlerian Theory Key Concepts The Adlerian Theory falls under background of the BETA model. The emphasis is on understanding and working through unresolved problems and issues in the client’s past. Counselors who function from a background focus believe that unless treatment facilitates…

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  • Adler's Theory: The Key Concepts Of The Adlerian Theory

    Theory: Adlerian Therapy Related Theories: Psychodynamic therapy, Individual psychology, Rudolf Dreikurs, Phenomenology, Time-limited therapy Major Contributors: Alfred Adler, Sigmund Freud, Socrates/ Socratic thinking, Social interest theories Key Concepts: Inferiority, social context, relationships, birth order, perception, (comm)unity, personality, values, future/ goal oriented, lifestyle, alliance, education, holism Underlying Philosophical Assumptions: •Individuals aren’t…

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  • Paradox In Everyday Life

    persistence. It could be that one characteristic of a personality will not define which side of the paradox a person will inhibit. But, just how it takes multiple genes to express skin pigment. It can take different personality characteristics to decide which side of the paradox someone will express. The creativity of the personality still assisted in deciding which side of the paradox the person expressed. Whether it would be multiple sides or just one. Being creative and open-minded can lead…

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  • Somatic Symptom Theory

    Adler proposed, rather than separate the individual is an indivisible whole. “As holistic thinker, Individual psychologists know that Life-Style is revealed in any movement of the person…a physical symptom is behavior…part of the person’s striving toward a subjectively conceived goal of mastery” (ibid, p. 439). Adler referred to somatic symptoms as organ inferiority. As such he stated, “Sometimes the mouth lies or the head does not understand; but the functions of the body always speak the truth…

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