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  • Adlerian Therapy Research Paper

    Adlerian Therapy I personally would prefer to use the Adlerian style of counseling in my practice. I believe that this theory takes the whole person into account, and not just the problem(s) at hand. I think it is fantastic that this type of therapy makes sure that the client’s physical needs are met (place to sleep, food, and social support) before delving into deeper subjects, because if the client does not know where they are going to sleep tonight it is going to be hard to focus on what the client initially came to therapy for. I also believe that personal goals are an important part of the therapeutic process. If the client does not know what they wish to achieve in counseling the sessions might become unproductive. How the Theory Relates…

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  • Case Study: Applying The Adlerian Theory

    Choosing both positive psychology-oriented consulting and the Adlerian theory to address Max’ quandary, I will focus on his strengths, history, and goals. Additionally, I will influence my communication with Max, using similar techniques used in sports psychology, keenly aware of Max’s caliber of business expertise, I can positively influence him to achieve an attainable level of proficiency (Portenga, Aoyagi, & Statler, 2012). Applying the Adlerian theory, I am able to communication and assess…

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  • Adlerian Theory: Comparative Analysis Of Individual Counseling Theories

    Comparative Analysis of Individual Counseling Theories Misty Mitchell CNDV 5311 Individual Counseling Theories and Techniques Lamar University Comparative Analysis of Individual Counseling Theories The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the three major theories that have been studied in this course. The three theories are Adlerian, Cognitive Behavioral, and Solution Focused Brief Therapy. In this paper the key concepts, therapeutic process, and application of these three…

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  • Olivia Gomez's Case Conceptualization: Individual Psychology

    The paper examines individual psychology also known as Adlerian theory in the case conceptualization of Olivia Gomez, a fictional character suffering from depression. The presenting problems demonstrate areas of the client’s life that require counseling and a deeper assessment into the underlying problems affecting her daily life. Most counseling theories focus merely on the person or the collective issues; Adlerian therapy does both. It contends that every person is goal-oriented and possess…

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  • Adlerian Theory

    The Adlerian perspective, human behavior is not determined solely by heredity and environment. Instead, we have the capacity to interpret, influence, and create events. Adlerian’s put the focus on reeducating individuals and reshaping society (Corey, 2013, pp.104). Mosak and Maniacci (2011) state that “the Adlerian is interested not in curing sick individuals or sick society but reeducating individuals and in reshaping society” (pg. 78). The Adlerian approach is unique that in giving special…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Adlerian Therapy

    Adlerian therapy emphasizes the whole person and the consciousness of the person, and that individual is driven by interpersonal relationship in the social context instead of sexuality (Tan, 2011). Adler believed that for human beings, the feeling of inferiority can generate the motivation of striving for superiority which "resulting in creative and successful achievements in life" (Tan, 2011). Most importantly, his ideas about social interest and community feeling are the best approach to help…

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  • Adlerian Play Therapy

    Problem An issue of mental health among children deserves attention. In 2009 Mental Health America indicated that almost one out of five children have experienced emotional distress, nevertheless, only one third of those children get the necessary help. Schools are in a position to provide early interventions for children who are identified with emotional behavioral problems (Meany-Walen, Bratton, & Kottman, 2014). The article pointed out disruptive behavior as the reason for students’…

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  • Adlerian Therapy And Autism

    experimental group will have five licensed mental health therapist with training on Adlerian therapy. The training on…

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  • Disadvantages Of Adlerian Therapy

    Introduction This report will focus on Adlerian Therapy and the many parts connected to it. Firstly, it will be describing the therapeutic process of Adlerian therapy. Secondly, it will explore Adlerian therapeutic techniques consisting of the four phases. Lastly, it will be looking at the applications of this therapy and its advantages and disadvantages. Alder branched away from Freud's simplistic ideas of id, ego and superego. He wanted to look at the whole person and how they fit into the…

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  • Adlerian Art Therapy

    Art therapy is a relatively new field in therapeutic counseling. It is defined as an expressive therapy “through which we many draw on inner feelings and the unconscious to produce a tangible product…that allows clients to explore their deepest and often hidden feelings, and to use symbols to represent their inner feelings and conflicts” (Degges-White, p. 1). While there are a number of theoretical approaches, this paper focuses on Adlerian art therapy, which incorporates a framework based off…

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