Administrative Procedure Act

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  • California Drought Case Study

    of Governor website takes this endeavor to next step. The executive orders are extended to encourage Californians to adopt water conservation as a way of life. Governor Brown states that problem of drought has become an event with periodic occurrence over the past few years. Moreover, the drought situation is expected to continue as climate change reduce water in Sierra Nevada snowpack. The ethical justification is supported by various facts presented in the draft. The water supply in California will continue to decrease due to unfavorable weather conditions. The current challenges and threats may lead to continuance of drought conditions. A quick action is needed to reduce the impact of drought. Ans. 2. The California Emergency Services Act enables the Governor to declare state of emergency when there is scarcity of natural resources such as water or a drought condition is cited. The governor can either suspend the regulatory statutes or make amendments to it. In the year 2014, bill number AB 1636 was introduced in the Assembly by the Governor (3). This bill prohibits the enforcement of watering the lawns in a city or county during the drought. The executive order 2016 is another important step for all the past actions to control the drought situation within California. The proclamation of continued state of emergency is the result of extra-constitutional powers. The Governor of California states legal justifications based upon 8558(b), 8567, 8572 and 8571 of the…

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  • Essay On Federal Agencies

    Federal agencies are the part of government that is not congress, the president, or the military during wartime. If the president or Congress decides to build a bridge, they won’t oversee any of the work themselves, not even hiring of the staff. Instead, an agency is created to carry out their goal. Examples of agencies in the United States include the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency, and Federal Communications Commission. Agencies are formed by an act of Congress,…

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  • State Credentialing Board

    The board derives its regulatory authority from the provisions of the Alabama Sunset Law of 1981 through which it is categorized as an enumerated agency based on Section 41-20-3. Moreover, the board has established administrative rules that govern its licensure or certification activities as well as a Code of Ethics based on the requirements by the American Counseling Association. Actually, the American Counseling Association has established a Code of Ethics that is used to govern the…

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  • Case: Would It Help The ICC If A New Asian Criminal Court

    In their article, Bogdandy & Venske suggests that it should be ‘In the name of the People’ instead of States. What they are trying to say is that within the democratic dimension it is understood that the courts operate for the benefit of the people, therefore it is only right and better to say the courts act ‘In the name of the People’ rather than States. To elaborate more on the authors’ public law theory of adjudication, people in a citizen-based democracy simply means the citizens of the…

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  • Regulatory Failure Essay

    Regulatory Disasters and Response Regulatory frameworks sometimes fail. It’s a fact. Life, its participants, and the society we create in a state is far too complex for laws and regulations to work or to be conducted as intended every time. But by no means does this permit the failure of regimes. Quite the opposite; for the acceptance of failure brings with it a realisation to implement laws and regulations with the utmost care, and to learn from past mistakes- and there has been huge ones.…

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  • Tobacco Smoking Essay

    Regulations and Laws on Tobacco Smoking Throughout Merchants of Doubt there are many subjects that are presented. The authors are very clear about how they feel about these topics. Many who read the book either strongly agree with what they believe or strongly disagree, and there are all those in between. One topic that is of interest to many is tobacco smoking and whether it really is harmful for your health. The authors are clear that they believe that smoking tobacco is dangerous and needs to…

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  • Food Advertising To Children Essay

    identify and moderate the unhealthy foods. These factors work together in ensuring that a parent practices their responsibility of providing for their child at the best of their ability. The power of regulation could also be put in the hands of the government and agencies within or independent of it. Currently it is not illegal to advertise food to children in the United States, yet there are some regulatory mechanisms in place. One independent government agency, the Federal Communications…

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  • Business Ethics Case Study: The 23andme

    therefore generating more revenue for the company. FDA approval could also increase the company’s valuation and appeal to venture capitalists. The most commonly used valuation method for early-stage biotechnology companies is the income approach, which quantifies expected revenues, costs, and potential risks (Bratic, Blok, & Gostola, 2014). Being on track for FDA approval would decrease the cost and risk involved in the company, which could increase our valuation and encourage investment. In…

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  • Whistleblower Protection Case Studies

    Paula Price was fired for “whistleblowing” dishonest practice, and is suing her former employer, Automative Research & Testing (ARTI), for violating the whistleblower protection provisions of the Automobile Manufacture Integrity Act of 2014 (AMIA). Price was a contractor for Ford Motor Corporation (FMC). The primary focus of this case is the interpretation of the word “employee” in § 114(a)(1) of the AMIA and whether it includes contractors. Before analyzing the interpretation of the statute…

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  • Election Night Selection

    If, however, nominations are re-opened on election night, it is recommended that the discussion of qualifications be limited to brief comments for the new nominee — no cons and no rebuttals. VI. Election Night Procedure Preparation for Election Night – A written ballot must be taken for every elected position, even if there is only one nominee. In this way, the secret written ballot allows every member the privilege of casting a write-in vote for an eligible member. Therefore, the Marshal…

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