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  • T. V. Hortons-Personal Narrative

    One summer morning I was sitting watching T.V. when my phone lit up. It was my friend Nick he wanted to know if i wanted to hangout with him and my other friends Cam and Thomas downtown. “sure,” I texted back. that afternoon we met up at Nicks and started to pack up our longboards and skateboards then headed in to town. we reached down town and started to unpack our boards in the back of a Tim Hortons. We skated at different spots in town like in front of this restaurant but they told us to leave so we were running out of good spots to go to. as we were cruising on the side Thomas said “hey we should go to the elementary school to skate in the parking lot.” We all agreed that it was a good idea, it took us about ten minutes to reach the school. This was going to be fun the cement was as smooth as silk and there were curbs and other obstacles to do tricks on. Thomas was actually not that bad at skateboarding me on the other hand i couldn't do much I just liked to cruise around. After a while we decided to take a break, Nick loves to shoot and edit videos so we started to talk over some ideas for a new film to shoot, while we were talking we went to the schools park to swing on the swing set and mess around on the park. jokingly I said “hmmm, I feel we could get on top of the school” right after i said that it became the goal of my friends and I to get up there, we got up and started walking around the school to find a way up but we weren't having too much…

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  • A Bad Encounter Essay

    A Bad Encounter At this point in my life I had just turned 19 and was working at Tractor Supply. It was Friday and my night off when I received a phone call from work. It was Emily, the cashier that was working that night. She said that something had been delivered with my name on it and I needed to pick it up. She wouldn’t tell me what it was. So I good-bye to all of my friends and went into work When I walked through the door, on the counter was a bouquet roses. They were bright yellow and hot…

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  • Hostage: A Short Story

    I suppose everybody makes a foolish mistake at some point in their life. For me it was playing a stupid game called “Hostage”. In this game a group of people split into two teams and then two people, “The Hostages”, from each group are blindfolded and dropped off by the opposite team, somewhere outside of town. The objective is for the hostages to figure out where they are and call their teammates to come pick them up. First team back to the chosen base wins. After a long process…

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  • Colonialism In Jorge Luis Borges's 'El Sur'

    Throughout much of the second World War, Argentina and Germany maintained a fairly civil relationship despite numerous bouts of tension. This amicable relationship was likely due to the vast amount of German immigrants present in Argentina; however, after increased pressure from the United States and the country’s concern regarding the rising popularity of pro-nazism primarily amongst its German residents, Argentina broke its ties with Germany and pledged its loyalty to the Allies. Argentinian…

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  • Humorous Period Narrative

    It was a humid morning in the “Escuela Secundaria General #1 Lic. Adolfo Lopez Mateos.” I was sitting in my classroom, talking to my friends: Santos, Pedro, Alejandro, Eduardo, and Carlos. It all started as the usual Monday morning. Our principal chooses a random classroom and the teacher of that classroom chooses the kids to speak in the “Ceremonia de Honores.” As I talked to my friends, the principal walked in looking for kids to speak in the ceremony. Our teacher walked to us and said, “si…

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