Personal Narrative: The Hostage

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I suppose everybody makes a foolish mistake at some point in their life. For me it was playing a stupid game called “Hostage”. In this game a group of people split into two teams and then two people, “The Hostages”, from each group are blindfolded and dropped off by the opposite team, somewhere outside of town. The objective is for the hostages to figure out where they are and call their teammates to come pick them up. First team back to the chosen base wins.

After a long process of arguing about who would be the hostages, me and my friend Chris volunteered for our team. Unfortunately I was one of the few people with a vehicle, which meant I had to let someone else drive me out into the country in my car. After I was blind
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I could hear and feel the tires spinning and the smell of fresh mud began to seep into the trunk, so I discerned that we had gotten stuck somewhere. I was hoping they would let us out to help push and forget about this ridiculous game, when I heard another voice approaching the vehicle. The voice identified himself as a police officer and offered to help. He sounded strange, like someone who had a fake smile on their face all the time. Being afraid of what he would do if he were to find two kids tied up in the trunk of a car, they did not tell him about Chris and I. We decided to keep quiet and …show more content…
A few moments later there were some more noises as the man tied the chain to my car and connected it to his own. Once he had pulled us onto the road he came back to my car. The driver’s door closed as he got in and I could feel the rumble of the engine as we started moving. Chris and I had no idea what was happening or where we were going. It seemed like forever before we came to a stop. He turned the engine off and got out. We heard the door slam then footsteps as he walked around the car. He began pushing us and I could here water splashing against the car. The water started to seep in and I realized what was happening. He was disposing of the car in a lake somewhere. Chris and I began frantically kicking at the trunk hood. It wasn’t working. We managed to knock down the back seats from inside the trunk. Our friends’ bodies were right in front of us. We had to push our way through them to get to the doors and windows only to find that they were all jammed shut. Water kept pouring in. We were gasping for air as it reached the roof of the car. We went under and I swallowed a mouthful of water, I could taste the blood of my friends. It was a sickening feeling. If I hadn’t been to busy trying to figure out how to escape I probably would have thrown up. I couldn’t hold my breath any longer; I started to take in more and more water. Chris had already gone unconscious and I knew I would soon do the same. Everything was getting

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