Horror Essay: Halloween Horror: The Horror Of Halloween

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Halloween Horror

It was a dark, windy evening with a full moon on Lincoln Street. Many peoples ' houses were terrified. They decorate their house with orange pumpkins, dark skeleton, fake dead bodies and blood on the stairs, legs that was cut, and many creepy witches. The house very fabulous. As I walk down the street I saw Jimmy and Charlie. Jimmy was dressed as a clown. Charlie was dressed as a cat with some fake color blood. Jimmy and Charlie were staring at me. Hahahaha! They both laughed. Why are you guys laughing at me? Because of your dress, Jimmy answered. What’s wrong with my dress? It should be scary, but it isn’t, Charlie said. Well, a ninja dressed is fine for Halloween. Let’s leave
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Love Halloween! As we head down the bus stop, Sara was there dressed as a witch. Two feet next to her was a ghost dressed person. After five minutes, the ghost dressed head to me. I thought he was about to kill me. The ghost asked me ‘’how are you?’’ I answered ‘’ I’m fine’’ with a frightful voice. I couldn’t even answer his questions very properly, because I am scared that a stranger came and started talking to me. As the bus arrived, I saw my friends and I had a reflection in the bus and even Sara had a reflection, but not the person who was dressed as a ghost. So, I thought he was actually a ghost. Oh, No! Busted! I got on the bus and headed out to Union City for …show more content…
I had only one way to survive that is to break the window and run! Boom! The window didn’t break! The ghost got faster and faster and fastest! I thought my life was ended. I closed my eyes and give up. But, an idea popped in my head from nowhere. The idea was running through his body! I ran through his body as fast as it can and accomplish getting through his body. But I had a small cut on my finger, however it was bleeding as a flood. I went to the driver seat and started driving, even though I don’t know how to drive a transportation. After two minutes, I heard tip, tip, tip again and when looked back the ghost was disappeared and the sound didn’t came from the front, middle, and end. But this time the sound is coming from the top. I stopped the bus and went up and right there was really terrible. It was murdered by all the people who were on the bus even Sara, Jimmy, and Charlie. People were murdered by their stomach were cut, head that was cut, eyes that were cut, kidney and legs were cut as well. Then, I saw the ghost with a sword and coming to me. His face is full of blood and his mouth had blood. The ghost looked like a

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