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  • A Bad Encounter Essay

    Your truly take my breathe away every time I even catch a glimpse of you. I have all these feeling for you and I can’t hold them in any longer. I can’t wait to see you Monday. Love John" I didn’t know a John. My stomach fell to the floor and I started panic. I could feel everyone’s eye on me waiting for a reaction. I started laughing; telling everyone it had to be from one of my friends. Everyone agreed, saying the letter was written too neat to be coming from a man. When night before I tossed and turned dreading going into work. I hadn’t slept but thirty minutes the whole night. I must have picked up the phone a dozen times trying to call in sick. But I got up and drove to work anyway. Emily was waiting for me to unlock the door. Everything went like normal. When I turned on the open sign there were three or four trucks in the parking lot, which was normal…

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  • Bruce Dawe And Beach Burial Comparison

    Kenneth Slessor served for the majority of World War Two, and the poem, Beach Burial, was written to honour the soldiers who fought and died for their country in the war. This poem conveys the fact, that “there are no loyalties in death” and that no matter how hard you fought and how strongly you believed in something in life, it “washes away” in death. This poem is set in the aftermath of a battle, and describes how the dead, are essentially “humbled in death”. In addition to the fact that…

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  • Athena Matilda Nadalin: The Leadership Selfie

    The Leadership Selfie Athena Nadalin 1. Who are you… really? My full name is Athena Matilda Nadalin. My middle name comes from my grandmother’s middle name. I have 3 half sisters, Brittany, Charlotte and Jessica. They are all off to university (Western, University of British Columbia, and Boston University) so I live with my mom and dad. I have hair that’s basically a mix of every colour; it’s also ridiculously thick. I have blue eyes and am slightly taller than I wish I was, but I can’t…

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  • Yacht Restoration Plan Sample

    Description: Call Eagle Yacht Restoration for professional yacht restoration you can rely on. At Dan Weldon Master Cabinet Maker in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area, we specialize in interior and exterior yacht painting and restoration service. “QUALITY IS OUR NUMBER ONE FOCUS” in every job and our experienced teams has the skills and tools necessary to give you results that will…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Black Society

    chaos, to create a system where its citizens could live without fear. That 35% part of the country is called the Black Society, where you can get your hands on anything illegal that's been banned and where most criminals and those in poverty live. The leader of that Black Society is none other than the Father of one…

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  • Planning An Event Analysis

    do, but have you ever stopped to think about how it all comes together? There will come a time when you will be asked to plan a party or event, whether it be a milestone birthday, wedding, and/or annual function. This essay will provide the necessary tools to do so. As President of a cultural based sorority, I had my fair share of planning events. The process can be time consuming and frustrating, but with attention to detail, organization of your budget, and the right planning, anyone can…

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  • The Three Amigos: A Short Story

    We’ll let you sleep and see you again, later today,” said Dr. King. “Ok,” I mumbled, too tired to say much else. I slept. I woke several hours later when a nurse came and checked on me. She also instructed me on how to use the pain pump. “Any questions,” she asked when she was done explaining. “Yes,” I said after I had ran my hands across my mummified wrapped upper torso, which my breasts felt like they were about to explode out of. “Why am I swelling,” I asked? “You just had surgery.” The…

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  • Lucille Chaleau: A Narrative Fiction

    “What are you?” Lucille’s broken voice returned, just as emotionless as the nurse’s from earlier. “Crazy, just like you. Why else would I be in here with all these other freaks?” “Are you a girl, boy, neither, both, other, what?” She nudged the crossed legs again. “A boy. Now leave.” The voice ordered again. “Wash your hair before you boss others around. You look like a scraggly orphan with a complex.” With that Lucille walked back to her chair to stare at the dead tree again. Noon the next day,…

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  • Twisted Fate Analysis

    Malcolm graves. After meeting Graves of looking into his eyes these two men became brothers. But, when a heist goes wrong but dynamic do well falls apart. but after a while when graves confronts twisted fate what is he to say. This is the story of pain, friendship, and hardship. This is a story of bonds. This is the story of twisted fate. Our story begins with a family of river people. These are people who believe in the natural flow of life and traveled around the world setting up gambling…

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  • Summary Of The Story 'The Monkey's Paw'

    the fire but Mr.White thinks that he must have it. So he fishes out of the fire and makes a wish for 200 pounds. Little did they know that when u make a wish it costs you something. Morris did warn them of this but they did not listen. Their son lost his life due to his father's wish. Herbert was at the door at the end of the story, but not in his regular human form. He was a zombie looking, person because he had been dead for 10 days and buried for 7 days. As author W.W. Jacobs shows how sad…

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