Humorous Period Narrative

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It was a humid morning in the “Escuela Secundaria General #1 Lic. Adolfo Lopez Mateos.” I was sitting in my classroom, talking to my friends: Santos, Pedro, Alejandro, Eduardo, and Carlos. It all started as the usual Monday morning. Our principal chooses a random classroom and the teacher of that classroom chooses the kids to speak in the “Ceremonia de Honores.” As I talked to my friends, the principal walked in looking for kids to speak in the ceremony. Our teacher walked to us and said, “si tienen muchas ganas de hablar haganlo, en los honores.” I was confident so I decided to volunteer to say the “Juramento a la Bandera” (the Mexican Pledge of Allegiance). On our way to the auditorium, the principal asked me if I wanted the paper so I could …show more content…
As I walked to the podium, I tripped myself with a little step. In that moment, I realized that my whole confidence was gone, I started to think that I was not able to complete my task, I took a big deep breath and began my part. I started strong with a great voice volume and strength. When I was halfway through my part, I made the mistake to look up and see all my classmates and friends trying to make me laugh or forget my part. They succeeded because they made me choke. My mind literally went blank, there were no words in my mind. I felt a really strong stomachache. I wanted to throw up so badly and I almost did in front of everybody. As I stood there motionless in front of everybody with a dumb face for fifteen seconds, the principal rushed to his office and grabbed the paper for me to read. The principal gave me the paper and finally I could move or feel something again. With the paper in hands, I was able to finish my part without throwing up or fainting of shame.Thank to god I was able to finish.
I looked up again to see my classmates and all I could hear was people giggling, laughing and whispering things. I could not hear them but, they were probably something about me. I had never been more nervous in my life. My legs were shaking so badly, it seemed like I was on vibrate mode and my hands were so sweaty I could plant a tree with my sweat. When I got down from the podium, I tripped myself with the same little step and took my place back with the
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I had never felt more relieved in my whole life. The principal always thanks and congratulates the kids that talk in the "Ceremonia de Honores", and even though the principal knew I had done a bad job, he congratulated me as well. The principal thanked us because we helped him with the presentation. Some of my friends laughed at me for a long time, and they sometimes reminisce me that time, even though it happened five years ago. After my incident happened I studied the pledge so I would never forget it. The next time I listened the pledge, I felt chills throughout my whole body, but I can recite it perfectly in my

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