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  • Advanced Placement Advantages

    In the spring of 2009, more than one million high school students took Advanced Placement (AP) exams. Since it began in the 1950s, the AP program has allowed numerous high school students across the United States to take many of their high school courses at a college level stature. At the end of each course, students then take comprehensive exams to test their knowledge in order to earn college credit. While there are those who contend that the AP program has some positive aspects, many people would argue that this program does more harm than good for students. According to David W. Oxtoby, president of Pomona College, the truth about advanced placement courses is that taking such courses throughout high school will not necessarily prepare…

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  • Private School Vs Private Schools Essay

    Private schools have more enriched opportunities like Advanced Placement courses, exchange programs and International Baccalaureate programs with access to experienced tutors that are more equipped to help the student on account of being familiar with its rising popularity and workings. AP courses and IB programs may be available only in select public schools with minimal access to experienced tutors. An AP course allows a student to take college level courses to earn course credit or placement…

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  • Essay On Race And Race

    Students may feel over-stressed even though others may feel right at home. These courses are a way to open yourselves to new academic opportunities. However, these classes have been known to be predominantly white. So how does race affect Blacks and Latinos in their studies? Would students, or even teachers, treat some races differently than others in these courses? What are these students’ experience with the AP Program like? This research prospectus aims to answer the preceding questions…

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  • Importance Of Curriculum In The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby as part of the AP Curriculum? "Is this book interesting?", "Will my students enjoy it?", "Is this novel truly AP Level?". These are just a few of the many questions that run through a teacher 's head when he or she is selecting a novel for their AP English Class. AP stands for Advanced Placement, and the whole objective of an Advanced Placement English Class is to give students a glimpse of what a college class is like, but more so to prepare them for the Advanced Placement…

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  • Gaining College Credit Essay

    Education has become an elusive process since it’s no longer possible to teach at a constant pace for every student. As a result, advanced placement (AP) courses have allowed for gifted high school students to participate at the collegiate level. However, with increasing amounts of AP courses and their incentives of earning college credit in high school has constructed a false sensation that students are benefiting greatly, when in reality, they’re causing massive amounts of stress for little…

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  • Gatsby Advanced Placement

    The Great Gatsby Alanna Reeves Advanced Placement The Great Gatsby is a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald that tell the story of the love triangle between Jay Gatsby, Daisy, and her husband Tom Buchanan. Jay and Daisy had a relationship before Daisy married Tom. Gatsby believed Daisy married Tom for money, so when he found out he decided to gain wealth so would be worthy of Daisy Buchanan and finally be with her. Jay Gatsby is an outcast because he is posing as “old money”, he pretends he…

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  • What Would I Change About The School System?

    I am going to start out by apologizing because this is going to be long. But I believe everything I say is worthy of saying so I hope you don’t just give up and stop reading. I am a person that doesn’t particularly like school. Something about being stuck in a classroom for seven hours and force fed facts I don’t always want to learn just has me counting down the days till summer. So are there things I would change about the school system? Yes. Is there an aspect I wouldn’t change about the…

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  • Advanced Placement Course Reflection

    It was the end of my sophomore year and class registration was available to students. I heard from my previous classmates that advanced placement courses help you better develop and understand your writing. My essays were nothing but words on a page. It was weak in style and flow. However, I was hesitant to register for advanced placement courses, specifically English composition. The need for a change came when I realized I needed more attention in my writing. After hearing from my classmates…

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  • Greenport Advanced Placement Analysis

    It’s safe to say that our new principal, Gary Kalish, has started to feel a more comfortable in our little school, especially on the dance floor at homecoming! This is the first full school year GHS will have Mr.Kalish as its principal! Starting even before his time here, things as Greenport High School have been changing. In a recent interview Mr.Kalish was asked deeper questions, clarifying some questions that have been floating around this year. Here at Greenport Advanced…

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  • Reflective Essay: Advanced Placement Language

    Advanced Placement Language requires many desirable characteristics to flourish in the class and in life. I belong in AP English because I possess a strong work ethic, find English interesting and want to challenge myself. I also comprehend the significance and essentiality of writing and long to improve my knowledge for college and my future career. Before choosing to take AP English, I heard many interesting and contradicting comments about the class, ranging from, “hardest class I have ever…

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