Governor's Ethical Justification Is Driven By Continued Decrease In Water Resources In Califoligeria Case Analysis

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Ans. 1. Governor’s ethical justification is driven by continued decrease in water resources in California due to unfavorable weather conditions. The executive order 2016 (in continuity to previous executive orders) states that the water levels have not crossed the required levels due to the limited amount of rain and snowfall. This had a direct impact on the state rivers, underground basins and reservoirs. The drought has increased the scarcity of drinking/ potable water. Agricultural production has been affected. The wildlife is getting more prone to wildfires, which is putting the natural habitats in detriment.
As per New York times article, the governor claims that the California population has increased unexpectedly (1). This requires
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The executive orders are extended to encourage Californians to adopt water conservation as a way of life. Governor Brown states that problem of drought has become an event with periodic occurrence over the past few years. Moreover, the drought situation is expected to continue as climate change reduce water in Sierra Nevada snowpack.
The ethical justification is supported by various facts presented in the draft. The water supply in California will continue to decrease due to unfavorable weather conditions. The current challenges and threats may lead to continuance of drought conditions. A quick action is needed to reduce the impact of drought.
Ans. 2. The California Emergency Services Act enables the Governor to declare state of emergency when there is scarcity of natural resources such as water or a drought condition is cited. The governor can either suspend the regulatory statutes or make amendments to it. In the year 2014, bill number AB 1636 was introduced in the Assembly by the Governor (3). This bill prohibits the enforcement of watering the lawns in a city or county during the drought. The executive order 2016 is another important step for all the past actions to control the drought situation within California. The proclamation of continued state of emergency is the result of extra-constitutional
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Under section 8558(b), the threat to the safety of person and property is unceasing. This is due to drought conditions that authorities cannot handle. The section 8567 enables Governor to develop or amend orders and regulations to make provisions. Section 8572 gives authorization to utilize any private property. Under section 8571, the Governor describes that following the regulations mentioned in the executive order will reduce the severity of the drought.
Ans. 2 a. The executive order issued by the State Governor is constitutional because as per National Governor’s Association website (4). “The authority for governors to issue executive orders is found in state constitutions and statutes as well as case law”. By law the State Governors can issue such orders and could be subjected to legislative review as per the state law requirements. Moreover, the section 8558(b), 8567, 8572 and 8571 gives special constitutional powers to publish such executive order in the state of

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