The Water Crisis Of California Essay

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1. Hi my name is Taylor and I chose to study the serve water crisis happening in California. This water crisis has a start date of 2012 but in reality has been going on for much longer than that.

2. The drought in California isn’t just a natural disaster but is also a man made one in another critical sense by capitalist governments largely beholden to giant energy cooperation 's refusal to seriously address the issue. Since the states founding in 1850 water policies have never been carried out in a rational scientific or democratic fashion, but rather subordinated to powerful corporate interests that include but are not limited to agribusiness, real estate, and finical aristocracy.

3. Two-thirds of California’s precipitation falls in the northern portion of the state, while two-thirds of all Californians live to the south.

4. In addition to their water crisis the states infrastructure has long been since allowed to decay and the American society of civil engineers estimates that over the next 20 years California 's drinking water infrastructure will require a 44.5 billion dollar investment while there wastewater infrastructure will demand 22.9 billion dollars to remain functional.

5. California 's water comes a married of places such as aquifers, groundwater, reservoirs, dams and irrigation systems where 80% of that water goes towards agriculture and 20% to urban/residential use.

6. The current water crisis in California are bound together with more than a 165…

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