Why Do Congress Use Executive Orders In Congress?

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A power that every President has used since our first President George Washington called executive orders. This power is a primary use by the president, although state governors have it as one of their governing powers. Presidents have taken of advantage of this to get around congress to make laws and decision that congress doesn’t want to. Is this something that the Executive branch has too much power the answer no; it’s not because the orders work like laws being put into effect. If it’s found unconstitutional the Supreme Court can say no to law and reinterpret it. (Jeffrey C. fox, Catawba College). The reason executive orders are not too much power for the president. The purpose of it is for the president to use it when congress doesn’t want to work with the president or like his proposal. (What up with that, 2014) After putting in to effect if the public doesn’t like what the president did his approval rating suffer. What people do not know is the next president will remove some of the old executive orders the previous president. Congress can limit how much power the president can have by controlling it with adjusting his right by adding amendments. For example the War Joint Resolution allows the president to declare war within 48 hours by submitting a request to congress. …show more content…
This was necessary at the time since not all states were very supportive of the north. Maryland was a good example there southern support who would act against the union army in various ways. One of this way was to blow up one railroad lines that were giving support to the northern troops. This later be put into effect across all the northern states. Congress allows Lincoln order to become a bill and it was challenged by Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney saying only congress could suspend the writ which they did. (James E. Dueholm, 2008) Yes when it was an order it violated the first

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