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  • Importance Of Fitness: Aerobic And Anaerobic Training

    energy sources and the other 50 percent requires aerobic energy sources. Soccer players usually cover six to seven miles per game depending on their position. Soccer statistics state that a soccer player jogs 2 1/ 2 miles, 1.2 miles sprinting, and 1.5 miles walking (Stewart Flaherty, 2013). Based upon these statistics, it is important for a footballer to train both energy sources evenly. Aerobic training requires your body to use oxygen while running, as opposed to anaerobic which requires no oxygen. Aerobic Training is usually modified at 65 to 85 of your maximum heart rate for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Anaerobic training demands your heart to pulsate at a faster rate during a workout. Anaerobic running is also known as intervals or fartleks. In this system, your heart rate increases to above 85 percent of your maximum and sustains it short burst before returning to a recovery heart rate between 60 and 80 percent ( Beth Mervyn, 1991). Training both systems is very essential for soccer player during off season and in season in order to maintain fitness all year around for competition. Professional players include aerobic training 2 to 3 times per week in the off season and once per week in season. They also include anaerobic training twice per week as they build up from preseason to season. These types of training are also good for burning calories and decreasing body fat percentage which is very important for athletes. According to Sarah (2010) Anaerobic training is more…

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  • Eight Types Of Running Essay

    base runs. Long runs improve endurance. Another variation of long runs is progression runs, wherein the running speed is being increased as you go along. Hill running can be done on inclined surfaces (even inclined treadmills) and can be very beneficial in increasing muscle strength. Also, running on steep areas is more challenging than running on flat surfaces; so if you try hill running and then switch back to regular running, you can feel the improvement in your muscle endurance and stamina.…

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  • Exercise Pl The Components Of Fitness

    the amount of effort or work that must be invested in a specific exercise workout. • Time: how long each individual session should last. • Type: type of exercise you will be doing Methods Of Training Circuit training: performing a series of exercises in an order called a circuit at a station each. It can be designed to improve almost all components of fitness Continuous training: working for a period of time without rest. Improving cardio-vascular fitness. Fartlek training: varying the speed…

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  • Muscular Power In Touch Football

    training will be included, involving different exercises to those used to develop muscular power. The agility circuit will involve an obstacle course comprised of cones (figure 1), polymetric exercises, and ladder drills. These exercises will improve performance by increasing the ability of the creatine phosphate and lactate systems to synthesise ATP, increasing the speed and agility of the athlete. Other components important for maintaining optimal touch performance have been included in the…

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  • Disadvantages Of Continuous Training

    the production of red blood cells to move it easier to carry oxygenated blood around the body when partaking in physical activity. If this is improved the athletes breathing rate is decreased and results in the breathing becoming easier for the athlete and helps to work for a longer sustained period of time without tiring. Athletes who partake in marathons would use this as their pace would be slow but their performance would last for a long period of time and can improve the muscles in the legs…

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  • Examples Of Training For Muscular Fitness

    something that should be important to your performance low body fat and high muscle mass helps athletes perform better in most sports, so you want to know how much body fat your athletes have and if they have a lot then you want to lower it down to a normal level in order to increase performance. Something that book briefly describes is aerobic fitness and aerobic capacity. Aerobic fitness is usually measure by timing your running. This type of fitness will tell you if you have low level fitness…

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  • Tough Gal Challenges

    perform on the day as they were not prepared to cope with high intensity/resistance exercise (the extreme mud) - and I found that certain muscles had not been preconditioned enough through sport specific training. As a result of not training specifically enough for the challenge, I instead experienced that sore feeling that comes with blood lactate entering the muscles, then weighing me down. Because of this I believe I was physically unprepared and perhaps could have benefitted from more prior…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Strength Training

    capillaries will also becoming much thicker and better at pumping blood whilst the lungs will be able to recruit more alveoli(the body has around 300,000,000 alveoli and more of these can be recruited based on how fit you are. This is very good, it reduces the risk of some types of cancers and heart disease. When you stop exercising it leads to the alveoli becoming less efficient and the heart becoming less effective at pumping blood. You use less alveoli when you stop training for extended…

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  • Essay On Discourse Community

    from relaxation. We believed having a laid-back approach would be a lot more mentally refreshing for some of the runners, especially those still in high school. A major factor that defines discourse communities is communication, how we interact with each other and the matter in which we talk to each other. The major method of communication in our small intimate group is through the social media site, Facebook. Within Facebook we have a group page were we can update the group on upcoming runs…

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