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  • Heart Rate Lab Report

    tried to answer was whether the average heart rates of boys are higher than the average heart rate of girls. In this experiment, our group needed to find the resting heart rate of each person involved in the experiment, the heart rate of each person after one minute of vigorous exercise, and the heart rate of each person after two and a half minutes of rest. Upon drawing a conclusion on what our group will test and how we will test it, our group found a group of six boys and four girls. We had each of the people involved in our experiment run up and down a staircase for one minute. When each person finished this exercise, one took their heart rate again We then recorded the data and had each member of the experiment rest for two and a half minutes. It was at this time that we recorded their heart rate again. We performed this trial twice for the boys and once for the girls due to time restraints. This data correlates with the boys. Person one began with a resting heart rate of 120 bpm. After one minute of exercise, their heart rate rose to 168 bpm. After they rested for two and half minutes, their heart rate was 132 bpm. In their second trial, they began with a resting heart rate of 96 bpm. After one…

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  • Alcohol And Heart Rate Experiment

    Effects of Chemicals on Heart Rates in Organisms. Jesutofunmi Bankole El Centro College Abstract This experiment studies the effect of caffeine and alcohol on heart rate. This lab experiment detailed how water flea, (Daphnia magna) a transparent aquatic organism whose heart can be easily identified using a compound light microscope, was used to study the effects of caffeine and alcohol on heart rates. According to the research alcohol was observed to have caused a…

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  • Summary Of Daphnia's Heart Rate

    not the heart rate of a daphnia was effected by three different solutions being added: alcohol, lactic acid and, caffeine. We determined that when alcohol was added the heart rate would decrease. When lactic acid was added the heart rate would decrease, as well. When caffeine was added the heart rate would increase. We determined that alcohol would slow the heart rate because it is a depressant. Since humans that drink alcohol suffer from a depressed cardiovascular system and slower brain…

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  • Heart Rate Lab

    Introduction The purpose of the lab was to see the effects of heart rate and blood pressure when 3 male and 3 female students exercised compared to when they were at rest. My hypothesis is that the data from the exercise part of the experiment will cause both the heart rate and blood pressure (systolic and diastolic) to increase more than the resting state. Methods Resting heart rate was recorded in the begging of class. Then the class was divided into groups and from each group, there was a…

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  • Which Aerobic Exercise Increases Heart Rate

    The question that was answered in this experiment is, “Which aerobic exercise increases heart rate the most?” If a person runs then their heart rate will increase the most. The independent variable in this project was the different exercises that were done. These were running, jump roping, and doing jumping jacks. The dependent variable was the difference in heart rate after exercising. Some of the control variables were the amount of time that subjects exercised (15 minutes), the age of the…

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  • Heart Rate Exercise Essay

    movements affect heart rate. We used 4 different subjects and 3 different trials including our control. For our hypothesis, we theorized that the more movements that a person does, the higher their heart rate will be. After doing this experiment, we found that the more movements and exercises your body does, the more increased your heart rate will become. There could be possible sources of error like any experiments, so this data is the most accurate data we could possibly achieve.…

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  • Heart Rate Investigation Report

    consistent running up and down on the stairs at differing intensities affect the heart rate in Year 10 students? Introduction The main role of the circulatory system is the delivery of oxygen and nutrients and the removal of carbon dioxide and wastes. The circulatory system consists of the heart and the network of arteries, veins and capillaries. Carbon dioxide present in the body is carried by blood to the lungs for exhalation and oxygen is then picked up. Blood also collects food nutrients…

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  • Daphnia Heart Rate Lab Report

    Daphnias affected Heart Rate This lab experiment was conducted on Daphnias to test the chemical effects on its heart rate. In this experiment we determined the effects of caffeine and alcohol on the small organism. If the Daphnia is submerged in alcohol the heart rate will slow down, as if it’s submerged in caffeine it will speed up. The experiment measured how the stimulant caffeine or alcohol affected the Daphnia. The objective was to see how alcohol and caffeine would affect the…

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  • Heart Rate Experiment

    pressure and heart rate of a patient, with and without the consumption of caffeine. In this experiment, a cycle ergometer (Monark 824E, Monark Exercise, Sweden) was used in an incremental style type exercise that measured the fourteen healthy participants blood pressure and heart rate at various interval stages. The blood pressure and heart rate were recorded in order to obtain an understanding of the impact this would have on the cardiovascular system. The experiment initially revealed that the…

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  • Heart Rate Procedure

    Problem: For this procedure we tested are heart rate to see how it changed depending on what level activity we did. Heart rate is when the heart contracts because it is pumping the oxygenated blood through the aorta. Then the blood goes through your heart through the vena cava. Once you start moving the blood go through the capillaries to your lungs, legs, head and arms the blood flows through the inferior and superior capillaries. The part of the heart blood that that keeps the blood from…

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