Which Aerobic Exercise Increases Heart Rate

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The question that was answered in this experiment is, “Which aerobic exercise increases heart rate the most?” If a person runs then their heart rate will increase the most. The independent variable in this project was the different exercises that were done. These were running, jump roping, and doing jumping jacks. The dependent variable was the difference in heart rate after exercising. Some of the control variables were the amount of time that subjects exercised (15 minutes), the age of the subjects that were tested (10-11 years old), and the timer used to keep track of how long the participant exercised and record pulse. The control group in this project was the group of subjects that walked. The experimental groups were the group of participants that ran, jump roped, and did jumping jacks. The procedures were …show more content…
When the participants did jumping jacks they increased an average of 14 bpm. The mode of the data was 10; the range was 10-18. When the subjects jump roped they had an average of increasing 46 bpm. The range of this group was 35-52 bpm. The participants that ran had an average of increasing 54 bpm. Their range was 9-101 bpm. Subjects that walked for the control group had an average of increasing 13 bpm. Participant 6’s data was somewhat of an outlier. When they ran their pulse did not increase very much. Their heart rate only increased by 9 bpm. Another outlier was participant 5 that was in the control group. Their difference decreasing 18 bpm. This was the only participant that decreased in the difference from before they exercised and after they exercised. The patterns of the data show that running was the exercise that increased participants’ heart rate the most out of the 4 experimental groups. The data also shows that jumping jacks did not increase the subject's’ heart rate very much, because its average was only 1 bpm more that the control

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