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  • Nabal's Apology Of David In 1 Samuel 25

    only is David running away for his life in 1 Samuel 25, but he also has to deal with people who do not respect him and challenge his honor. The man named Nabal is just one example of someone who does not believe David has honor, which he displays and then surprisingly, his household does not act in accordance with his position. Why do Nabal’s men and wife Abigail go behind Nabal’s back to appease David, when that is the exact opposite of what Nabal does as the head of the household? The main reason that Abigail and his men go against Nabal’s previous actions is because the scribes who were writing the story of David needed a way to show that David really does have honor, and they need a story that works against the stories of those who oppose David. This story opens with David and his roughly six hundred followers are in the wilderness looking…

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  • Eve: A Necessary Evil

    There are not too many stories of the Bible that contain women. The few women that I am focusing on, Eve, Delilah, Vashti and the daughters of Lot, are a few of the females considered “bad” to some people. Their stories have given society an idea of what deeds are seen as moral and those that are wrong. All of these women have performed a sinful act, but there are actions that are considered bad and others that could be seen as good. From the beginning, Eve has represented women and all of…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Hebrew Bible

    mind the problems involved in the process of studying the Hebrew Bible. One of these issues is the fact that the events being recorded in the Hebrew bible occurred many thousands of years ago, and there are very limited resources or evidence that we can use to verify or compare to what is written in the Hebrew Bible. Another issue that arises is the fact that the original text is written in Hebrew, and was translated many times, as well as simply just transcribed many times. With so many…

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  • Describe The Differences Between Joseph And Hebrew Bible

    composed of 114 suras, and it lacks the lyrical style that the Hebrew bible text has. The Hebrew bible is the sacred text of the Jews. It is written with more detail and dramatization. The diction used to portray the character and moral values are different. The story of the prophet Joseph, told in both the Qur’an and The Hebrew Bible, are written in different styles and have differences within the plot In the Hebrew Bible the story of Joseph is told with detail. It has the lineage and…

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  • The Patience Of Job No Such Thing Analysis

    Cox’s introduction talks about three stages of studying the bible. He gives insight on studying the bible through the narrative or literal stage during his younger years. He seemed to be fascinated with the stories of the bible as most children are. It was intriguing to not only learn of the characters in the the parables but he “also sometimes acted them out”. (Cox 2) The stories we hear as children are colorful, fun and full of life and love. Children are in awe of these stories and…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Relationship To The Hebrew Bible

    to first learn the Bible, become a minister and teach the Bible to others. I marvel at clergy that quote scriptures from their mouths without looking first hand and anticipate the day when I can do the same. The Bible contains answers to everyday issues (the good, the bad and the ugly) and helps us to learn about theology and ourselves. For this reason, I stand more excited about taking this class as opposed to many of my other classes. By learning the Bible my life would be enhanced and guided…

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  • The Holy Bible: A Historical Analysis

    The Holy Bible is an intriguing collection of historical accounts recorded over a period of approximately 2000 years. The historical accounts published within the Bible provide an insightful glimpse into the thoughts, perspectives, and feelings of God and the people who inhabited the Mediterranean and Mesopotamian areas during this epoch, as well as detailed descriptions of the multitude of events that transpired during this era. The content of the Bible has been crafted by innumerable…

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  • Does God Limit Knowledge?

    Knowledge is describe as facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. (Oxford Dictionary pg. 1) God limits the knowledge of his doings a great amount in the Hebrew Bible, but specifically in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, many stories, such as Adam and Eve or Job, reveals how God limits knowledge from his people. The question is, why does God limits knowledge from his people? God is said…

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  • The Relationship Between Athena And Odysseus In The Odyssey

    The human-god relationships and their purpose in ancient civilizations often tell much about the beliefs and ideals of the culture as a whole. The connection between humans and their gods in both ancient Hebrew and ancient Greek culture are similar, but also vary in multiple ways. Both of these relationships can be seen between the humans and their gods in literature from the time period, specifically the relationship of Moses and God in Exodus, and between Athena and Odysseus and Telemachus in…

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  • The Christian Bible And Ramayana

    Consisting of 1,196 chapters and kandas and 55,102 verses combined, the Christian Bible and the Ramayana of Valmiki are two of the most important sacred texts of their respective religions (Kizziah, “King James Bible Statistics”; “Ramayana: Organization”). The Christian Bible, an ancient religious text consisting of both the Old and New Testaments, uses multiple narratives and parables to convey important values and themes. Christianity follows the teachings of the Old Testament, which contains…

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