Nabal's Apology Of David In 1 Samuel 25

Not only is David running away for his life in 1 Samuel 25, but he also has to deal with people who do not respect him and challenge his honor. The man named Nabal is just one example of someone who does not believe David has honor, which he displays and then surprisingly, his household does not act in accordance with his position. Why do Nabal’s men and wife Abigail go behind Nabal’s back to appease David, when that is the exact opposite of what Nabal does as the head of the household? The main reason that Abigail and his men go against Nabal’s previous actions is because the scribes who were writing the story of David needed a way to show that David really does have honor, and they need a story that works against the stories of those who oppose David.
This story opens with David and his roughly six hundred followers are in the wilderness looking
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A better question is asking, whose interests are being brought out in this story? 1 Samuel 25 is a part of a literature set, collectively known as the Apology of David, as the name of this collection states, these stories are told with David’s interests in mind. That said, it is made clearer that the actions of Abigail and Nabal’s men are used to show that lots of people think David is in fact, the appointed king of Israel by God. Saul is no more the king over Israel. Through Abigail bringing the food that David’s men requested in his name, shows that people think David does have honor, and it needs to be acknowledged. The men of Nabal bring in another reason that David should be considered to have honor because a few of them were with David while they were watching Nabal’s flocks. David and his men actually took care and protected Nabal’s men while they were together. The scribes writing this story used Abigail and the men as examples to show David’s honor and the support he has as the appointed king of

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