Personal Narrative: My Relationship To The Hebrew Bible

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Before deciding to attend CTS, my primary goal was to first learn the Bible, become a minister and teach the Bible to others. I marvel at clergy that quote scriptures from their mouths without looking first hand and anticipate the day when I can do the same. The Bible contains answers to everyday issues (the good, the bad and the ugly) and helps us to learn about theology and ourselves. For this reason, I stand more excited about taking this class as opposed to many of my other classes. By learning the Bible my life would be enhanced and guided in the direction initially intended by the Lord. Everything else will fall in place and be added on to me (Matthew 6:33).
The family from which I am was not grounded in a strong religious background.
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This class is a very serious class for me; I look forward to gaining all that is to be learned. My expectations are high. The overall issues I have involving my relationship to the Hebrew Bible are that I have absolutely no experience and understanding of the Hebrew Bible or its details. I am only familiar with hearing the word(s) “Hebrew Bible”. Also, I am not familiar with the understanding of “ethical reflections” regarding the significance of the Hebrew Bible. The opinions I have received from others concerning the Hebrew Bible is that it is a difficult course.

Moreover, I hope to achieve my primary goal of becoming knowledgeable about the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and of becoming a minister and teach others a more systematic approach to learning the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament constructively in its simplest form. My view about the significance of the Hebrew Bible in contemporary theological and ethical reflection is that the Bible should be more simplified for all to understand. In fact, many people will not go to church because they feel inferior due to the level of understanding required to comprehend the

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