Brief Therapy Reflection

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I started this class having only taken two other classes in the counseling program. Although I enjoyed those classes, they did not discuss what you actually do in a therapy session with a client. I felt I was still missing the knowledge of how a therapy session actually worked. This class has taught me many things that have allowed me to become more comfortable with what therapy is and how it works. Whether it was picking out patterns or even practical things, the topics addressed in this class have helped me to grow and change as a therapist as well as help me integrate my faith with the therapy process.
While reading the Levenson text, there was a lot of dialogue between the therapist and the client. Although this was helpful, I found
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I had originally thought of brief therapy as a completely separate form of therapy. However, in reading Levenson and getting a better understanding of the drop-out rate of clients, I understand that we will all take part in brief therapy at one time or another, whether it is planned or unplanned. The two goals of time limited dynamic psychotherapy (TLDP), providing a new experience and a new understanding, are goals that I will take with me as I continue to grow as a therapist even if I am not practicing brief therapy. Therapy is a place where the therapist can provide a new experience, one that may not be seen as acceptable in normal social settings. After having learned these two goals, I will keep them in mind so that I do not fall in to the same dysfunctional interpersonal patterns they experience with others, even if I find it difficult in situations where I have to challenge or call out a difficult behavior in order to provide the new experience and new …show more content…
I thought that I should have taken this class later on when I had more experience and more of an understanding of the therapeutic process. As the class comes to an end, I am glad that I am gaining this knowledge at the beginning of my counseling education. This class has allowed me to better integrate my own spiritual beliefs with the act of counseling. I have learned a lot from this class that has helped me not only as a therapist but as an individual with my own struggles. I have changed in a manner that will allow me to become a better therapist. I believe I have been given a good foundation on which I can continue to grow and learn as a therapist, and for that I am

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