How We Got The Bible By Neil R. Lightfoot Essay

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How We Got the Bible by Neil R. Lightfoot is a book that provides answers to many questions that a person may have about the Bible. In this book you will learn about what materials were first used to write down the words of scripture, and many more interesting things about the Bible that you might not have known, as Neil R. Lightfoot discusses the origin, the passing down of the bible from generation to generation, and the different translations of the
Bible. This book could also be used for a class study, at the end of every chapter there is a summary and some discussion questions. This book makes a good group read, and can also be a book that you can read on your own if you wanted.
The first chapter of this book is titled, “The Making of Ancient Books”. Just as the title hinted at, it is all about the writing of the Bible and when writing started, and what materials were used to write the Bible. This chapter states that the practice of writing has been around for a very long time. It states that writing was practiced hundreds of years before the time of Moses.
The chapter says that it is not completely true to think that Moses could not have written some parts of our Bible. Just like today, people long ago wrote on almost all kinds of materials. The material used to write the Old Testament was leather. At the time that the New Testament was written papyrus was the most used material. This chapter also says that the manuscripts of the
New Testament, that are still intact…

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