Sumney Chapter 1 Reflection

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My definition of faith is constantly being shaped and challenged by the world and different experiences around me. Our past has so much to say about who we are as individuals, just as the history of the bible has so much to tell us about how to interpret it and make connections in the present. My life has been built on a strong foundation of church family and constant love from our creator. In our readings, I feel that Sumney does a great job of explaining how the bible is set up and how we as students can begin diving into the content that it holds. I grew up attending Grace Hill Mennonite Church in rural Whitewater, KS with my family of four. Sunday’s have always been a time to connect with God and to fellowship with my church family. …show more content…
I was completely unaware of such a huge detail. Sumney does a great job of laying out the different formats of the bible as it relates to different religions and languages as well as explaining how the bible came to be. One interesting note that I found regards chapter three about Inspiration. Sumney explains that, “the Bible is inspired because it is through these texts that God has chosen to be with them, and it is through these texts that they learn how to enter the relationship with God that their forebears had” (Sumney 43). This brings several questions to mind. Did the writers of the bible actually write down what they perceived as the Holy Spirit talking to them? What text from the bible can we call upon and translate into our own situations and endeavors? Our society puts a fixation around quotes and bible passages. Is it okay for us to take one sentence out of a whole passage? Do we lose meaning if we do? Sumney has challenged me to think about questions I never would have thought of in my own study of the bible. Today we talked about the continuum of the bible. Through this discussion I have narrowed down my own definition of the bible as Inspired. I see the bible as a communicating tool to teach the word of God with the understanding that some things may need to be interpreted in context of today’s

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