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  • The Odyssey Hecuba Speech Analysis

    Euripides presents two Hecubas in his tragedy. One demonstrates a passive sufferer, who experiences grief and tragedy, but sill perpetuates a sense of stability. In contrast, there’s a vengeful Hecuba who loses her nobility and morality in her desire for revenge. The tradition of nomos becomes the link between the two presentations of Hecuba. Nomos envelops both of Hecuba’s conversations with Odysseus and Agamemnon. However, nomos succeeds in Odysseus’ speech, but fails to influence Agamemnon. The failure to keep nomos and the success of persuasion leads to her transformation and the activeness in her vengeance. The conversation with Odysseus establishes the importance of nomos. The sacrifice of Polyxena complies with nomos. Odysseus represents the majority opinion of the Greeks. In their debate, Odysseus tells Hecuba, “Accept your lot. And we – if we do wrong to honor courage, then we stand convicted of our ignorance. But you foreigners do not…pay respect to those who died in a moral cause.…

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  • Slavery In Hecuba

    Freedom and Slavery In Hecuba Stephen Daitz comes to the conclusion that in Euripedes’ “Hecuba”, the idea of becoming a slave allows the reader to see a distinct separation of values between mother and daughter. He makes the point that revenge and freedom are valued differently amongst generations. While Polyxena would rather die than become a slave, Hecuba is willing to be a slave for the rest of her life if she can achieve her revenge on Polymester despite being offered her freedom by…

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  • Achilles And Hector Analysis

    He is more human than Achilles. He fights for not only glory and pride as Achilles, he also fights for his family. He shows his love towards Hecuba in book VI when he says “But may I be dead/ and the earth heaped up above me/ before I hear you cry as you are dragged away” (6. 488-490). That was Hector’s response to Hecuba after she told him to stay away from battle. Hector wants to maintain his honor and the honor of his family. He knows how powerful Achilles is. Achilles has killed many of his…

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  • Theme Of Priam's Death In The Aeneid

    Priam acts as a model for an ideal Virgilian ruler. Since Aeneas, who will act as the continuation of Troy’s legacy, witnesses Priam’s death Aeneas is able to recognize the traits of the great leader that he can then pass on to his son Ascanius who continues on the found Rome thus spreading those ideas throughout Rome’s legacy. In The Aeneid Priam’s death is one to be honored for his strength till the end and taken as the death of the city along with its ruler. The story of Priam’s death in…

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  • Aeneas As A Selfless And Geat Warrior

    Nothing is better than to read a story of great battles between two opposing forces, especially if there are from ancient Greece. Great Aeneas was such a selfless and geat warrior compared to Hector of the Trojans who fought to be a loyal defender of his city. This will show how Aeneas is shown to be similar but better then Hector in the way that Virgil made him a mirror image of Hector from the Iliad. Aeneas is a democratic and selfless leader to his people. He demonstrates this when he…

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  • Pride And Greed In The Iliad

    self from the war. Achilles removed his self from the war because of Agamemnon took Briseis, his war prize. Another struggle the Greeks endured due to Agamemnon malicious ways was the plague that overtook the camp. This plague was created by Apollo It was so harsh that it eliminated half of the Greek army. The plague attacked the Greek camp because Agamemnon would not grant Chryseis, who was a war prize back to her father. Thus resulting in her father, Chryses, praying to Apollo for the Greeks…

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  • Pride And Stereotype-Based Gender Disparities

    refusing orders from his commanding officer and even refusing to fight in the war due to his dislike of Agamemnon. No other solider would even argue an order given to them back in the time of the ancient Greeks. What this shows is that Achilles hubris is massive and compared to the rest of the Greeks he battles with in the Trojan war. The great amount of pride that Achilles holds gives him a presence of a god that can be argued with even though he is only a mortal man. This is different compared…

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  • Comparison Of Odysseus And Hecuba

    The Odyssey and Hecuba In the Odyssey, when Odysseus takes revenge on the suitors it is expected and revered as honorable and just. However, in Euripides’s Hecuba, her revenge is portrayed as savage and dishonorable. Both characters achieve their revenge through plotting murder, but where the former sees the restoration of his oikos and the salvation of his reputation, the latter relinquishes the remnants of her reputation and is doomed to a worse fate than she was already suffering as a slave.…

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  • The Characteristics Of Great Leadership In The Iliad

    During the Greek and Trojan War depicted in the Iliad the reader leans of the qualities of the many leaders. The Greeks lead by Agamemnon and the Trojans lead by Hector have been at war for nine years previous to the Iliad. There are many leaders in the Iliad that are great and there are some that are terrible. Great leaders are ones that have courage, the respect of their men and enemies, and are inspirational. Terrible leaders are cowardly and selfish when faced with great challenges. The best…

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  • The Fearless Warriors In Homer's Iliad

    Homer’s Iliad is a portrayal of a momentous battle fought by magnificent warriors. This battle has raged for nine years, this story taking place in its tenth. The fighters are fearless warriors, each with some legend of their own. Many are renowned on both sides of the war: Achilles, the “swift running” warrior of the Greeks, or Achaeans, and Hector the “last defence” of the Trojans. the Iliad focuses on the trials and tribulations of these, and other, warriors. Though they are certainly…

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