Achilles And Hector Analysis

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Illiad: Achilles and Hector
Homer’s poems, “The Iliad” and “The Odessy”, are considered masterpieces due to their complexity and the age of their work. Homer’s identity is mysterious. There are various theories about him, about where he was from or whether he existed as a single person; there is a theory of Homer being a group of poets. The Iliad, is and epic poem by Homer in which war is described. Gods and humans take part on this epic poem.
The Iliad, considered one of the world’s greatest stories of all time. It is a war story where the focus is not the existing battle between Greeks and Trojans, but a conflict among the Greek commanders. The Iliad is about war, honor and aggression (183). A heroic ideal is present in the story along with
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Achilles is the son a King and goddess and he is characterized for his rage and pride. Achilles shows passion along with his emotions. His pride was hurt when Agamemnon took Briseis from him. Achilles is hurt because his timé was taken away from him and his honor was damaged. In book 1 he complains to Agamemnon saying “I never get a prize equal to yours/ I do all the dirty work with my own hands” (1.172-174). After arguing with Agamemnon Achilles withdraws himself to war and this makes him think about war and himself. It is true that Achilles is the son of a god but that does not make him immortal. Achilles’ rage is his main characteristic, he had slaughter many men in war and almost kills Agamemnon, “Achilles’ chest was a rough knot/ should he draw the sharp sword that hung by his thigh, / scatter the ranks and gut Agamemnon” (1. 198-202). Later, he refuses to accept Agamemnon’s gifts. He cries while he is explaining his mother the cause of his suffering. This shows his humanity and his emotions, he is deeply hurt. These examples of Achilles’ passion create a greater contrast when he refuses to go back to war. The greater Greek warrior refuses to fight and questions if it is worth it dying in war. Achilles questions the reasons of going to war, honor and life itself. In book IX he says “It does’t matter if you stay in camp or fight/ In the end everybody comes out the same” (9. …show more content…
He is more human than Achilles. He fights for not only glory and pride as Achilles, he also fights for his family. He shows his love towards Hecuba in book VI when he says “But may I be dead/ and the earth heaped up above me/ before I hear you cry as you are dragged away” (6. 488-490). That was Hector’s response to Hecuba after she told him to stay away from battle. Hector wants to maintain his honor and the honor of his family. He knows how powerful Achilles is. Achilles has killed many of his brothers. He also shows human characteristics such as fear. In book XXII after Athena tricks Hector he realizes that he is just a mortal and was set up to die. Hector is conscious of his position at that moment, the text states “Hector saw it he lost his nerve, panicked and ran” (22.

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