Achilles Tragic Hero

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These were some of the mightiest heroes in all literature. Tales of these men have lived for thousands of years and will continue on for many more. However, the question remains who is the better hero. Besides fighting aspects, because there are many traits that determine if they are truly heroes.

Achilles was the mightiest of all the Greek warriors and had a huge impact on the battlefield. Achilles was a killing machine, slaughtering Trojans with ease. Achilles was so feared on the battlefield, enemies would cower before him. If one fought achilles, you would have two choices. Either try to die in most honorable way possible or beg to be taken prisoner. Achilles was not known to take prisoners or show any kind of mercy.
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Hector supports and defends Paris for taking Helen, even though that causes this terrible conflict to start. Also Hector 's act of duty gives Hector the courage to fight Achilles. Hector knew that Achilles was the better fighter, but Hector fought anyway because that is what an honorable Trojan is supposed to do. Hector faced death at first with some cowardice. Achilles chased Hector around the city a few times before the actual battle ensued. Hector was left to die by the gods and Hector fought valiantly until death came. It was a big mistake when Hector killed Patroclus, it awakened the rage in Achilles. Achilles would of not joined the battle if Patroclus was still alive. Achilles is the strongest part of the greek army and Hector brought him back into the battle. Hector could of taken any other greek on, including the mighty Ajax. Hector did so earlier on on the war and it was an even …show more content…
Achilles would be known as a loose cannon and would have to pay consequences for his disobedience. Achilles would be called a sadistic killer, and not be glorified near as much. The media would turn Achilles into a scapegoat and blame everything on Achilles. Hector on the other hand, would be viewed even more as a hero. A modern day equivalent to Hector is Captain America. Captain America is loyal and helps America when it 's in trouble. Hector is basically Captain Troy, sharing many of the same characteristics and fighting styles. Captain America is loved by Americans, just like Hector is loved by the Trojans. Hector would be praised and Achilles would be made to look like a

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