The Battle Of Achilles In Homer's Iliad By Homer

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“Beg no more, you fawning dog - begging me by my parents! Would to god my rage, my fury would drive me now to hack your flesh away and eat you raw- such agonies you have caused me!” (Iliad, lines 184-187) Achilles, the Greek warrior gloats over his enemy Hector of Troy. Prior to this battle of vengeance, Hector had killed Achilles’ best friend Patroclus, dishonouring him by not giving him a proper burial and by taking his armour. Enraged, Achilles seeks revenge for his friend and slaughters Hector. Through his actions and inner thoughts, Achilles, become what he hates- a dishonourable warrior rather than the hero of the Greeks.
The epic poem Iliad by Homer portrays the battle of the Greeks and the Trojans. These sides do not like one another
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As long journey to the location of Hector is finally completed he sees Hector and Achilles body begins to flow with extreme rage as well as a bold confidence. This Trojan will be no match for the praised Greek warrior, for Achilles is like a hound that will not get off the trail until he has his kill. (5) The Trojan sees Achilles coming and adrenaline and fear pulse through his body. He knows why Achilles is here and knows that if Achilles is successful in killing him that his death will not be granted a merciful death. So the Trojan begins to run not only from Achilles but the brutal death that he feels coming upon him. Hector, running all through the terrain slashing and juking his way through the clutches of Achilles thinks for a moment that he has Achilles beat but the great Achilles is too swift and quick to be fooled by …show more content…
Achilles knows of Hector's skills as a warrior but that does not make Achilles fearful for Achilles fears no man. The battle for sometime each of the warriors get there blows in. Achilles slashes with his sword right for Hector’s neck and as the Greek draws his sword back swiftly Hector cuts deep into Achilles arm. Achilles wasn’t expecting this for he thought that Hector would cower and beg on his hands and knees for mercy. But mercy would not be found in this battle Achilles thought to himself. As both warriors feel the pain of their wounds and fatigue of the battle they charge in a last effort to finish each other off, Achilles pierces Hector “where collarbones lift the neckbone off the shoulders, the open throat, where the end of life comes quickest” (160-161). The blow, however does not kill Hector and Achilles’ transformation is soon to be

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