The Iliad: Achilles As Trouble Hero

Remoon Bekhit
Final Draft
Achilles as Trouble Hero Iliad is the most epic story of the classical literature written by the Homer. The story is basically a mix of Greek and other dialectics. It should be noted that among all the heroes of the Greek mythology especially who fought in the 10 years of the Trojan War, none of the protagonist has been close enough to the greatness of the Achilles. He was a bold and courageous warrior who showed no mercy to the enemy, yet showed intense skills in the battlefield. He was alone responsible for killing the multitudes of the Trojans as well as fierce allies. However, it has been observed through Iliad chapters, Achilles was not without any flaws. His attitude and brashness led him to ignore
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According to the Homer, Achilles was not kind or tender hearted; rather he was the man of fierce passions. His description of the Achilles was not swift or excellent, yet his mentioned his characteristics as the son of the Goddess. Achilles was a great warrior of the Greek mythology who was also as equal handsome and bravest man too. His passions and feeling were to the extreme position. He loved dearly and hated deeply and violently too. His rage and wrath are the subjects of the Iliad poem, yet unlike many other characters of the epic poem, this is the only character that has undergone numerous of the numerous of the transformation to depict and show his extreme personality to the enemy and comrades. Under this consideration, his power, pride and excessive anger is considered as the flaws of the tragic …show more content…
His presence in the poem gave great depth to the character especially in the army, enemy’s battlefield and even in the Trojans war. His character has the warrior in the poem reflects great importance of the Greek position in the battlefield. His strong personality and great strength made the enemy hesitate to counter his attacks, yet even ease to praise them too. In this regard, the comments of the Hector towards the Achilles such as his hands are like fire and his heart like the burnished steel reflect Achilles capacity as the warrior. On the other hand, Hector as a great man of his own also indicated that Achilles was far greater than him and was not hesitate to praise in front of him too. In the same way, the words of the Aeneas are also held great importance in this regard like it is impossible for anyone to fight like Achilles. Achilles character in the poem indicates to his complex nature and mighty experiences in the war. Achilles is by far only Homeric hero that doesn’t require divine help in the war against the Greek. This is the most important feature of the Achilles character that distinguishes him from the rest of the Homeric heroes. Zeus’s decree established the fact that Achilles has been unstoppable in the battlefield and without his help. This indicates to his glory even in the immortal and mortal

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