Theme Of Revenge In Iliad

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The Homer’s Iliad is one of the greatest pieces of Ancient literature. It has a lot of prominent motives that are influential and could be traced even in the modern literature. As a matter of fact, it has a lot of interesting concepts; however, one of the most dominant ones is the topic of justice and vengeance. The war itself is just a personal motivation of Agamemnon to deal with Troy and to punish them for their deeds in the past, the Greeks just want revenge, even though the Troy Priest of Apollo Chryses asks for a forgiveness. The gods play also one of the central roles in the poem. The most interesting aspect is that the role of the god in the poem is to punish the negligent people and to recognize the sacrifices and beliefs of the true …show more content…
The vengeance and justice in this poem are different from the modern ones, as they are fictional and they depend on the will of the gods and kings, who are similar to ordinary people with their own sins, desires, ambitions, envy, and lust. There is not anything that could bring joy to the gods or people apart from the sufferings of one another.
First of all, it is necessary to understand the major force that is respected by men in the poem – strength and power. The physical strength makes a great warrior who could conquer the countries, kill foreigners and protect the country from intruders. Achilles is one of the most famous warriors in the poem and he is believed to be invincible. He is the greatest one the history of Greece; however, he has a passionate personality that could be guided by his emotions and not but his brains. “You wine sack, with a dog's eyes, with a deer's heart. Never once have you taken courage in your heart to arm with your people for battle” (Homer, Book 1, 225-227). Even though he
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“Here is a man who wishes to be above all others, who wishes to hold power over all” (Homer, 286-289) Achilles understands that and he is a single one who could resist the Agamemnon’s will. The king understands that there would not be anyone who could make Achilles afraid of the king, as he is the strongest soldier and he could not be killed. Therefore, Agamemnon hates Achilles but he also understands that he would not win without him. In order to show the respect to Achilles, the gives him gifts. Even though Achilles does not want to participate in the fight and he wants to go back home, still Odysseus gives a speech to the soldiers and Achilles stays. In other words, Agamemnon does it not because he sincerely apologizes but because he does not care about the meaning of the actions because he just wants to win the battle. There are countless people who die each day on the battlefield and Agamemnon still continues to believe in the victory over Troy. He also does not want to end the fight peacefully, and he did not want to prevent the war. He just wanted to find the reason why he could destroy Troy. In addition, Priam is a different king who is in his own territory and he loves his sons, his soldiers, and his city. Therefore, there are a lot of the situations, when Priam just wants to save as many soldiers as possible. While Agamemnon does not

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