Theme Of Honor And Glory In The Iliad

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Cassidy Droney
Mrs. Mathews
Myth and Legends
19 October 2016
The Iliad
Honor and glory is an important part of all Myth and Legend characters. They are so valued that honor and glory triggered the reason for this great war between Hector and Achilles; taking many great lives. Homer 's The Iliad primarily focuses on the theme of honor, which is exhibited by both the Trojans and the Achaeans.
Honor and glory define a hero, and therefore are the foundations for everything that happens in The Iliad. The idea of honor and glory is key to understanding the motivation of the heroes in the myth. Having honor and glory allowed a Greek to gain power in their society because it was not passed down, but the noble actions a person would do we allow someone to move up in status. Fighting was to prove one’s honor and integrity, while to avoid war showed cowardness. When Paris stands out to fight for the Trojans against Menelaus, lover of war, he backs out. It takes away great honor from him and his people. Hector, Paris’s brother, feels great shame on him. He even said “It would have been far better for the Trojan people had you never been born, or had you died unwed. As it is, your behavior is shameful.”(Pg.49).
Hector was a valuable sign of honor and glory for the Trojans. When his brother showed cowardness he
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One of the methods in the Iliad is success in battle, as well as courage to fight. Achilles and Hector are noted as great fighters, and both of them greatly affect a battle with their presence. Achilles’ decision to abstain from the fighting because he was slighted by Agamemnon carried enough weight to force consideration of defeat. “Glorious Hector”, who was ever the bravest fighter of the Trojans. His brother Paris, on the other hand, must be dragged out of the city to fight, causing other Trojans to say shameful things about his

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