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  • The Importance Of Pride In Homer's 'Iliad'

    Hector is outside the Gates of Troy waiting to fight Achilles. In Book XXII line 91-99 Priam is trying to convince Hector not to fight Achilles alone “Hector, my child, if ever I’ve smoothed you…Dogs will eat your body by the Greeks ships”. Hector himself has pride issues with facing Achilles he knows he will die. Even when Achilles arrived, Hector tries to make a pact with him in lines 277-285 Hector said “I’m not running anymore, Achilles…Only strip the armor and give the body back To the Greeks, Promise you’ll do the same”. Achilles doesn’t agree to same agreement so he continues fighting with…

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  • Achilles In The Iliad Analysis

    The story of Achilles as it is presented in The Iliad by Homer has many takeaway lessons, from those concerning love to those about forgiveness. However, when it comes to educating the young guardians from Plato’s The Republic, Achilles should not be studied, least of all as a role model. This is the case for several reasons, one being that Achilles’ actions alone do not align with the desired ideals of the guardians, another being that the few things that Achilles does have to offer are often…

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  • The Fearless Warriors In Homer's Iliad

    allowed to share with his family strengthens him and gives him the push that he needs to return to the battle and fight with even more vigor than before, knowing that he has confronted his emotions. The Trojans, as well, show this trait of vulnerability. King Priam of Troy has just lost his son, Hector, to Achilles. As per the usual rites, the Achaens have taken Hector’s body to their camp and have proceeded to make a mockery of it. The acts they commit to defile the body are truly horrendeous,…

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  • Language And Imagery In Ransom's The Iliad

    transformation of human nature that follows. Whilst journeying to collect Hector’s body and give ransom, Somax introduces Priam to the life of the common people. He learns what it means to be human and what it means to be a father. Imagery plays a very important role in the way Malouf tells this journey. The act of ransom, the traditional meanings of ransom and the view that the ransom is a ‘fee paid in advance for life’ (184)1 allow Priam…

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  • Divine Power In The Iliad

    the tale, the plot is driving by Homer’s tragic vision of a hero’s life. Homer creates his vision with consideration for human virtue and the intervention of divine powers. While intervention of divine powers play a major role in the plot, they contribute less to human virtue. Throughout the story of the Iliad, human virtue seems to take a back-seat to pride, honor, glory and sometimes the Gods. One occurrence of human virtue being center-stage was the humility of Priam, king of Troy. In the…

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  • The Characteristics Of The Epic Of Gilgamesh And The Iliad

    Gilgamesh, if anything, can be defined as an example of what a ruler should be. Although he started the epic as an immature ruler, he did metamorphized to become an excellent ruler as he was able to realize and take pride of his own work to benefit his/her subjects. He did not feel compelled at the end of the epic to invade other lands to have his name spread out far and wide. However, Agamemnon did feel the necessity to be aggressive and can be classified as a spineless coward as he threw…

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  • Theme Of Honor And Glory In The Iliad

    the Trojans. When Am insult to his honor by Agamemnon to prevail over the glory of the fight, but he later returns to the battle and a sure death to avenge Patroclus. He also swears to not only kill Hector, but to exact his revenge by mutilating the Trojan hero’s body, while Hector himself offers gifts for the return of his own body (Homer, Iliad 22.338). Achilles refuses, and attempts all kinds of “shameful treatment for glorious Hektor (Homer, Iliad 22.395)”. The mutilation of the body is an…

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  • Analysis Of Ransom By David Malouf

    The heart ache and loss felt by the characters is what connects them all spiritually, despite their different roles in society. When Achilles looses his close companion Patroclus, the once strong and immortal warrior suddenly becomes emotionally weakened and greatly defeated by death. Similarly Priam feels the same, when also losing his son Hector. In the result of Achilles being affected by his grief, his actions become fuelled by hatred and anger as he has lost complete control of his…

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  • Heroism In The Iliad

    refuses the request. Hector unsuccessfully strikes Achilles with his spear by hitting Achille’s impenetrable shield. Athena disguises herself as Hector’s ally, Deiphobus, and encourages Hector that the two of them can defeat Achilles. With the false promise by Athena, Hector charges at Achilles. Due to Hector’s armor once belonging to his foe, Achilles knew the vulnerable spots of the armor. Achilles successfully lunges a spear into the neck of Hector. A dying Hector, once again, requests that…

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  • The Wrath Of Achilles In Homer's The Iliad

    killed by Hector. Achilles rage starts to build up and he goes to war with Hector and kills him, and afterwards shaming his physical body. Achilles continues to abuse Hector even after he dies. Although Hector has dies, his physical body is still undergoing punishments and suffering. Homer uses the word, “shaming” to show that what Achilles is doing to Hector is shameful and will be seen as a disgrace to the Trojans. Not only does Hector kill Patroclus, but he also takes the armor that belong to…

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