Parallel Experiences Of Telemachus And Odysseus In The Odyssey

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Essay questions for the exam:
1. How did Homer create parallel experiences for both Telemachus and Odysseus. Provide specific details.
There are many parallel experiences between Odysseus and his son Telemachus. First, both men are involved in several conflicts throughout the story. For example, they both struggle against the suitors. At Ithaca, the suitors consume Odysseus’ wealth and try to seduce his wife. They suitors also plot against Telemachus. When Telemachus travels to Sparta and Pylos, the suitors set up an ambush on his way back to Ithaca. In the end, the two reunite and slaughter the suitors together. Both Odysseus and his son are involved in an island-hopping campaign. For Telemachus, he is searching for his father. First, he travels
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When the father and son reunite Athena greatly helps them plan how to defeat the suitors. She even joins in the last battle while disguised as Mentor.
2. How might one reasonably claim that the Odyssey is a story about sex, drugs, rock and roll and inappropriate eating?
Throughout the story, drugs, sex, inappropriate eating and rock and roll play pivotal roles. The main antagonists, the suitors, are introduced inappropriately eating when they are seen consuming Odysseus’ food. The villains that Odysseus encounters are also shown inappropriately eating. This time, they are eating Odysseus’ men. In book nine, Odysseus arrives at the land of the Cyclopes. Soon after they arrive, an inhabitant named Polyphemus devours two of Odysseus’ men. He then imprisons him and the rest of his men for future meals. Drugs also play an important role in helping and hurting Odysseus. One example of drugs hindering Odysseus’ journey is in book nine when the crew arrives on the land of the Lotus-eaters. There, the natives give his men intoxicating fruit. As soon as they eat the fruit, they become addicted and desire more. Because they are addicted and cannot leave, Odysseus must drag his men back to the ship and lock them up. One example of drugs
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The story in the Iliad is about a war. Heroes on both sides are seen committing horrific acts. For example, Achilles’ rage leads to the start of the Trojan war in which many people die. He is unable to set aside his rage for the common good. He also disrespects Hector’s body by dragging it around the walls of Troy and refusing to return it to his family. The Trojans seem like the moral ones just defending their home from the Greeks. However, Hector is seen disrespecting Patroclus’ body by spitting on it. Like all wars, both sides commit atrocities. As a result, the line between who is good and bad and what is right and wrong is blurred. However, in the Odyssey, there is a clear cut good guy and bad guy. The protagonist is Odysseus who is on a journey to get home to Ithaca. His son, Telemachus is actively trying to search for him. However, at his home, the suitors are consuming Odysseus’s wealth and trying to seduce his wife. Odysseus is trying to get home and secure it before the suitors take over. In this story, the suitors are the clear antagonists. There is nothing noble about the group except for a few individuals. First, they take advantage of the fact that Odysseus is away and start consuming his wealth. Then they try to kill his son Telemachus. This happens in Book 4 when the suitors find out that Telemachus has left in search of his father and they set up an ambush for him when he

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