Aeneas As A Selfless And Geat Warrior

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Nothing is better than to read a story of great battles between two opposing forces, especially if there are from ancient Greece. Great Aeneas was such a selfless and geat warrior compared to Hector of the Trojans who fought to be a loyal defender of his city. This will show how Aeneas is shown to be similar but better then Hector in the way that Virgil made him a mirror image of Hector from the Iliad. Aeneas is a democratic and selfless leader to his people. He demonstrates this when he finally lands in Italy. He is very disciplined in his self-control as a leader. He is not downhearted, but even though he knows times are hard, he is able to put a strong face and push their hopes: “Friends and companions have we not known hard …show more content…
he believes its right for him to go out and fight and not stay on his land with his family. "I would feel deep shame before the trojans and the Trojan Women with tailing slaves if like a coward I was to sink aside from the fighting and the spirit will not let me, since I have learned to be valiant and to fight aways the foremost rank of the Trojans,winning for my own self-geat glory and for me father" (Iliad, 6. 440-445). He is not willing to stay and live his life in his kingdom while he knows there are men who are dying because they are honoring their city. Hector was made to fight, not to sit and act pretty. He knows what he has to do, and he is going to do it fo his people and fo his own pride too.

Aeneas is a great warrior who defended his city even when the ghost of Hector told him to flee. Instead of immediately leaving his city, he goes out fights and tries to defend it. In the end, he has to leave because it is not his destiny to die there and then. " Impelled by these words, by the power of the heavens, into the flame I go, into the fight where the harsh fury, and the din and shouting, skyward rising, calls"(Aeneid, 2. 450-453).He shows that what he wants the most is to keep his city and his family safe, so he will do whatever it takes to protect those he
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"I might go up to him and he takes no pity upon me nor respect my position but kill me...better to bring on the fight with him as soon as it maybe " Iliad, 22. 23. Hector demonstrates that he knows that he might not make it back from the fight, but is willing to make that sacrifice and go and fight Achilles. He knows that the fight is going to be painful because he knows that Achilles will have pity on him.Hector demonstrates that he is made for fighting. He does not stay in Troy to watch those he loves beeing traded as slaves (Iliad, 6. 455-465).he is willing to fight so at least no one can say that he was a coward and did not fight for his city. Aeneas seeks out the fate that the gods have to chosen for him. "The gods ' interpreter sent by Jove himself- I swear it by your head and mine has brought commands down through the racing winds !...I sail for Italy, not of my own free will"(Aeneid, 4. 492-499). Aeneas would love to stay at Carthage with Dido but that is not his destiny; he has to find a new home for the Trojans. He has to get to Italy, not stay there in Carthage. He is obeying the will of the gods because he is pious. and he is not there to do his will but is there to do what the gods

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