The Role Of Honor And Honor In Homer's Iliad

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Honor is an essential part of the Greek hero archetype as demonstrated in Homer’s Iliad. Achilleus, Agamemnon, and Hektor all demonstrate varying levels of honor and glory throughout the first six books. Honor in Greek tradition is something that is won by fighting in battles or leading an army, but true honor is how a person uses that privilege to reveal their morals and virtue. Through these three character’s actions, Homer demonstrates how one can be honorable but not have true honor. In Greek times, honor was awarded when men won battles, and Agamemnon has earned honor and glory through his mighty fighting as a leader of the Achaean army. He clearly has honor bestowed to him through Greek culture, but it is demonstrated …show more content…
He shows this true honor in the first six books because not only is he a fierce warrior, he uses this honor to positively affect others. He is the mightiest of the Trojan fighters, so he is full of the traditional Greek honor, but he upholds true honor by his loyalty to his brother, Paris, even when he makes mistakes in running the Trojan army. Hektor convinces Paris to fight in the war alongside his army by using his war given honor, but never abuses this power because he is kind and loving to his brother despite his errors. He also shows his true honor by never giving up on the war no matter the circumstances, unlike Achilles did when Agamemnon took his woman. Hektor truly is a man of high moral standards because of his feeling of liability and fidelity towards his city-state, Troy, and his continued humbleness through his victories. Achilleus and Agamemnon both become increasingly arrogant when they are bestowed traditional Greek honor, but Hektor continually shows gratitude and grace no matter the amount of honor he receives because of his fierce and noble fighting.
All three of the characters Homer’s Iliad show honor, but all show differing levels of true honor. Anyone can have honor, but only those who are truly virtuous and continually demonstrate the extent of their ethics can attain true

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