Theme Of Lechery In Cressida

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In Troilus in Cressida, there’s much disorder and chaos that makes it a very unpleasant story to read/watch. One of the central themes of the play is disorder in hierarchal society; this is discussed in Ulysses’ speech (figure out where speech is and quotes). The desire of Paris and Troilus to fight a war purely for the purpose of dominance. Ironically they state that it is in the name of ‘dignity’, but the actions they take are far from honorable. Lechery is defined in this play as the greed for power and sexual indulgence in this play. Theresites makes this observation when he says: “All argument is a whore and a cuckold...Now the dry serpigo on the subject, and war and lechery confound all” (2.3.76-80). The themes of love and war are intertwined …show more content…
This scene depicts hector preparing for battle with Achilles. While he is taking off his armor he is then killed while he is unarmed. The imagery of ‘goodly armor’, or armor with lavish décor, is symbolic of wealth and power hiding the corruption of the state that he was fighting for. All along hector had the lust for power and valor, not justice. He was fighting in a war on behalf of his brothers for reasons he initially opposed to, but then was seduced into as soon as they questioned his honor. Hector being consumed by greed for high status led to mass destruction shortly after. This idea shows that Hector didn’t fight for justice, but for the prestige he would receive-showing a set of loose morals. Before hectors dishonorable death, the events leading up to this moment in the play suggested an epic showdown between the two warriors. With two of the mightiest warriors of waring nations, noble action in battle would be expected. In contrast, Shakespeare takes the story to an anticlimactic twist with quite the underwhelming confrontation between the two warriors. The first interaction between the two included very brief swordfight resulting with Achiles abandoning the scene, then ending with the murder of hector as described before. Troy was then conquered by the Trojans shortly after, leaving no justice for anyone. This anticlimactic ending offered a suitable ending to this very gloomy and cynical story of lecherous war and love Not surprisingly this outcome was predicted by Cassandra when she yelled ‘Cry Trojans cry….’ During the Trojan council scene. – connecting also to the skewed portrayal of women- stating that they are shallow and

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